Allergy and PD

I have had Parkinsons for about 8 years and have always had problems with rhinitis and allergies. About 3months ago I got an acute allergic reaction to dust mite . My Parkinson's symptoms went to extreme and was placed in a rehab for ten days.

About 2 weeks ago I had a blood test done to test my allergies. I was at the extreme end of the scale for allergy to dog dander and a high intolerance to cat epithelium and dustmite. In response I took antihistamine and nasal spray . The effect on my Parkinson's symptoms was incredible and have reduced my medication. My shaking has all but stopped and I am normal most of the day.

I am wondering whether my allergies have produced Pakinsons

Has anyone else had a similar experience.

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  • Thank you..very fighting symptoms off naturally and am not too bad except the i ncreased body weakness inspite of exercise. But i have had rhinitis and eczema. I had a wart for 2 years but it has magically gone now. I know when i get a wasp sting or mosquito bite i always get swelling..

  • I have been reading your history and am interested in your position on medication and will keep on touch with your progress. I have reduced my stalevo from a peak of 1000 mg per day to 300 mg per day together with 4.5 mg of siffrol.

  • Good for you. I think meds contribute to the toxins our system already has..if we can keep down the adrenaline levels and keep esting very healthily and gentle exercise we give our bodies a chance to heal themselves...its worked in the past for me..but having trouble batttling sugar addiction especially round xmas wi nter etc..

  • I havd suffered with allergies for many years before the PD diagnosis. Went through shots, etc. Sinus and ear infections on a constant basis. Lots oif prednisone in those years. I do believe that there is an association between PD and auto immune disease. Itested in the "severe" allergy range for dust, mold, dogs andc cockroaches. I deal with nlsal problems on a daily basis but cannot take a decongestant because I take Azilect,. I think there is so much that we do not know.

    In relation to the previous commment, I have absolutely no desire for anything sweet. Funny thing, my allergy problems somehow lessened after I started on Azilect. MD cannot give me a reason. I have had sinus and ear infections still, but not as many.

  • I know I've developed IBS and food sensitivities since PD dx'd. Ugh.

  • In the days before sinemet, antihistamines were used with some success. It may be that your new drug is an old drug.

  • Very interesting . Thanks for this

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