the other day i read that protein can dilute carb-levo dopa. i had lost a lot of weight, and am down to 101 lbs. so i lost about 40 lbs

since last year. i have a protein powder, that is supposed to put weight back on. and muscle. i just don't know if i should be using that drink or not, it hasn't

put any weight back on, and i don't want to weaken the carb-levo dopa. any thoughts on this subject? has anyone put any weight back on. and does it level off at some point?

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  • Speak with your doctor or physician's assistant about protein and carb-levo dopa. The timing of taking each is very important and only they can advise you.

  • thank you jenny R , i would think a druggist would be the one that would really know something about that one, come to think of it. they know more about drugs then the doctors would . there are so many drugs on the market , how could a doctor know all that there are out there?

  • Does the patient information leaflet (PIL) that you will find in every box of tablets may have some information. If there is a significant effect as you describe then the PIL almost certainly will

  • My neuro explained that in the gut (small intestine) there are receptor that take up both proteins (amino acids?) and levodopa. So they are competing to be absorbed. So if I feel overmedicated I take more protein. But if I want max absorption, I take with a carb snack. So as JennyR above says, timng is everything.

  • Just as a "shot in the dark", are you taking medication for any other, non PD related issues?

  • oh you betcha i am. too many, but it seems i have a portfolio of different physical ailments. i have two for keeping the migraines at bay. another for colitis , and no energy. another to bring up the potassium, bananas make me sick. have graves disease . tylenol PM to help get to sleep along with 5 MG valium, and trazadone to relax my muscles. the last all PM . i have known a pharmacist for many years, and he is a smart guy. but he has been off for a few days. used to have hi-BP, but it seems that PD has taken care of that. and a couple more for pain, during the day. i have stynosis in the spine and a couple of compression fractures in L4 and L5 .

    other then that i'm in good shape. the part that seems a little foggy, is knowing when you need more protein or not. actually with the protein , it amounts to 650 mg a day.

  • Am glad to hear that your blood pressure, at least, has been brought under control by your PD. While you were hypertensive, were you ever treated with any of the statins?

    Wishing you well......

  • yes i am on a statin, which i take every night . and the chloresteral checks out very good. every thing seems to check out real good. i don't know why i'm on any pills.

    but then if i quit them all, i probably wouldn't check out so good. also have an anyurisym. some day i hope i will learn to spell some of these words. but it is being checked every year. there seems to be some conflict as to where the tests should be done. between the two doctors.

  • You may be wise to seek available current information on statins, especially Simvistatin. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently changed their stance on the drugs after tests showed that the statins can cause massive destruction of muscle tissue. In my case, my doctor prescribed Zokor (Simvistatin) for a heart condition. I didn't lose much weight, as you did, but within a few months I lost most of my upper body muscle mass and went from a 32 inch waist to a 38, Could your loss of weight have been caused by a similar loss of muscle tissue?

  • My PD told me some people the protein affects and some not. I have not seen a difference but i dont eat much. I just keep dropping weight. I have gone to ice cream to try to weight on and pudding I also stiir unflavored protein powder in both. My PD dr says my tremors are so bad im in a state of exercising all the time and that is not helping keep the weight on

  • Eat loads of carbohydrates, bread, potato, sugar, pasta. Bread is probably the best, can you manage a whole loaf each day?

  • Pete-1 yes I do eat ever carb I can but I cant eat much get full after a few bits appetite is nearly gone

  • I guess you are kind of stuck then, how about snacking all the time. Have you got a sweet tooth. Biscuits, they are so moorish. They can't tempt you either I suppose.

    Oh well I wish you well in your hunt for a solution. having always had the opposite problem its rather difficult to understand this from your point of view.

  • Same thing happened to me. how's your appetite? mine was non-existant. Are you taking an antidepressant? I take 175mg of Sertraline (zoloft) in the morning and 25mg of seroquel at night. I've been able to keep my weight 110-115 lbs.

  • my appetite is about the same at it has always been. i eat until i'm not hungry, not until i'm uncomfortable full. i eat to live . on top of that , since losing all this weight, i lose weight all over. and my dentures don't fit quite like they used too. and it's getting difficult to eat. and can be embarrasing. then i tried to put a soft liner in the dentures. i was so nervous and i did things all wrong, now they really fit lousy. seem to be between a rock and a hard place.

  • i will have to ask the neuro about that. can't just keep losing more weight.

    my GP gave me a prescription for a liquid , called Megacees. and to take one tsp, in the morning, it did give me an appetite, even felt like cooking. but my whole insides felt like they were shaking. so he said go to !/2 tsp. i did , and it wasn't much better. and 1/4 tsp didn't do anything. no i'm not taking an anti depressant,

    unless prozac is one.

    thanks for all of your answers. i sure have learned a lot since talking with all of you.

  • Prozac is most definitely an anti-depressant of the SSRI tpe

  • hi pete, what do you mean by an anti-depressant of the SSRI type?

  • Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibiter. A chemical that inhibits the metabolisation of Serotonin once it has been used so that there is more Serotonin available for re-use. Broadly speaking a kind of Serotonin recycling. Serotonin is another neurotransmitter along with Dopamine an acetylecholine and others.

  • thanks pete for your quick response. that all pretty much sound like Greek to me. is it compared to dopamine. in some way. ? i just don't quite understand. but i will contemplate your answer, and try to sort it out. thanks.

  • no appetite at all. No depression so no antidepressents

  • would it be best to ween off the prozac along with the statins. or can i just stop the above ? thanks pete , you sound very knowledgeable. anti depressants don't really seem to help that much anyhow. thank you for your answers, and thank you too blessed4431.

    you all are so helpful. it looks like i can scratch quite a few meds off my list .

    the doctor will not be happy. but i just might be. and what's more important? me i guess.

    merry Christmas to you all.

  • Prozacor Fluexotine doesn't very often trouble people with side effects but they can be quite severe when it does.

    Apparently stopping Flueexetine also doesn't often result in problems either provided the discontinuation is done slowly. It is important to stop slowly especially if you have any suicidal thoughts as any benefit you may be getting (however small) will be lost and therefore you run the risk of deepening your depression. For a proper discontinuation plan you really should consult your doctor. But I would guess that you should plan to tapper off over a period of several weeks rather than days.

    I seem to remember that while taking Prozac you should avoid St. Johns Wort. There have been recorded incidents of stroke and Prozac side effects can be made made worse.

    It takes a while to eliminate Prozac from the body so there should be a 2 week gap between stopping Prozac and starting alternative anti-depressants.Anyway anti-depressant medication is quite a big topic which I don't know a lot about.So after all that wibble I'm left with saying you should speak to your doctor.

    Statins, taken to prevent cardio-vascular trouble due to cholesterol. Furred up / clogged arteries. This isn't just a problem for the heart but any organs efficient operation may be diminished due to this. Anyway such huge numbers of people suffer the consequences of atherosclerosis (furred-up arterries) that it is considerred by far, the better of 2 evils to take statins to prevent these problems.

    So unless you have any pressing concern over the taking of statins I would keep taking them and the Prozac which i have heard has dubious efficacy should be discontinued under doctors orders.

  • thanks again pete. i just refilled my prescriptions for the week and i took the prozac i have at two a day, instead of three, and the statins at one every night until i can talk with my doctor. fools rush in where angels fear to tread. . merry Christmas.

  • Protein is not a friend for the Pk person. I would suggest maybe checking out They print a newsletter that deals with all kinds of health related issues for the parkinson individual. The newsletter is called Life in Balance it deals with things like nutrition, excercise, to understanding better the disease itself.

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