holidays and life

hello my parky family,, i haven't been here for a while and i have no good reason, i guess i have spent time taking care of other parts of my world and blocked out the pd part in july it my back and have 3 disc that need reparied but not a possible at least as they want to do it because of osteoporous so that with pd and fibro and all that has to be done for the holidays has me running back to the best support system and friends i have

see a second neuro surgeon in jan to see if surgery is my way to go, but with the pain along with the pd pain and spasms it isn't a happy time

i am trying to be up and enjoy what i can for my granddaughter who is 3, and i am happy to say i have a second grandchild due in may !!!!!!!!!!! these are my bright spots, but the days like i am having right now makes enjoying them so difficult. as sad as it is that they are not just down the street, it is a blessing for me because i can build myself up when i know we are headed that way for a few days, but lke the rest of u share and experience a few days of soreness when i get home

reading back on what i am writing i am a true parky today cause i am jumping all around lol

i guess i am just letting off steam, angry at this disease that makes me stiff and sore , hurtinga and exhaustied over the least little thing, but fighting everyday to get thru the days lke i have absolutely nothing wrong with me but old age and over workd

thanks my pd friends for letting me bounce and not judge

God Bless u all and my love to u all


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  • Same to you sweetie. :)

  • thank u joyce i wish u the happiest holdays and thanks for the support

    God Bless


  • Love and hugs are sent your way :-)


  • i feel the hugs and the love and are so blessed to get them i return themt to u

    my love and blessings

  • I hope you get relief soon somehow and answers. I am sick of running to doctors and am procrastinating all future visits until the new year!

  • boy do i understand the hatred of doc appt and the procrastination of them it was enough just the parking and endrocrinolgy docs but now all the extra docs cause of back i know i will get back ontop of my game but knowing you and all the rest are there for support and just listen willl get me on my game sooner

    God Bless and wonderful holiday wishes

  • I hear you.....I just came from my grandsons in Va. because of Dr. appt's...It's getting harder and harder to be the Nana they remember, (always ready to "play"). If we only had PD to fight ....that would seem like a "dream", but with all the other "stuff" combined, well it gets a "bit much" to say the least.....Here's to a better 2013! Merry Christmas, my Parky friend! :o)

  • thanks and God Bless and i wish u the Happiest of the HOldiay seasson and the most Postive of New Year


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