What are you saying to yourself to believe?

I usually go on rides on my recumbent trike as I find that it is so much easier for me to ride it than to do most any other task in my life. It amazes me how I can ride that trike but can't walk about without a walker with a laser attached to keep me from freezing every couple of strides. Today as I was riding I noticed a man by the man of Leon in my local park. Now, I do not know Leon but I know it was Leon because he was talking to himself rather load and I was sure that he had either escaped from the funny farm or was a long lost relative of mine. This guy was talking to himself like you would not believe. People were taking big wide paths around Leon just in case he might bite them and give them rabies. I was fascinated and just had to see what this guy was talking to himself about cause it had to be really good.

As I got closer to Leon I realized that he was not crazy at all. I could hear him saying to himself that he was just in a slump right now but it was going to be alright. That he had lost his job, his home and his wife had left him and taken his kids but it was just a minor setback and it was all going to be alright. That all that he had lost was going to be replaced and his wife and kids were coming back and all those that had hurt him would be punished for their wrongdoing. Then, Leon started clapping his hands and yelling, running around just screaming that it was all going to be alright. This went on for over an hour.

See, Leon was encouraging HIMSELF. He was not dwelling on what bad things had happened in his life but the good things that were GOING to happen. You could tell by his talking to himself that Leon had been through some stuff but he was not going to let it pull him down. He was not going to let himself become depressed as easy as it would be but was breathing life back into a bad situation.

It just made me realize sitting there watching Leon that we can all sit here and say this PD has done so many negative things to us. Personally, I at 45 lost my job of 23 years, can no longer drive, may soon lose my home and have seen my income go from 80k a year to 18k. All the physical changes have been many and to numerous to write. And yet like Leon, I too feel encouraged for I see many others far worse. Many others homeless and with no income. Many with illnesses that will ravage the body and mind till nothing is left but a cancerous mass. But I say to you, no more negativity but only speak and think the positive. For negative attracts negative, and we need to only have positive in our lives. Speak life into your situation and be your own biggest motivator. For if you can't speak life and positivity into your situation, hasn't the enemy already won?


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  • Truly some of the best advice I have run across in my 10 years of dealing with PD. As Yoda said to Master Luke in "The Empire Strikes Back:" "Do...or do not. There is no try."

  • I like that quote.

  • I am glad to have been able to share with you this encounter of mine. I have always been a Yoda fan for he was so old and tired looking on the outside, he did not waste his powers till he needed them and then BAM!!!! He would kick all their butts.

  • Thata why i say to myself im getting better and better everyday and will get well again as several people have and have succeeded...fight the good fight hymn as i walk along....dont worry be happy! All positive..latch on to the affirmative ...and try all good heslth ideas to keep well. Smile in the mirror everyday, watch comedies etc..say NO to any negative thoughts..

  • It is so easy to fall in the open manhole of negativity when we wake daily to a internal beast that controls some of us like puppets on strings. But we must be the stronger and deliverer of our own mental state. You get it and I smile as I read your post.

  • This is my biggest challenge. Thanks for sharing. You've affirmed the things I know, however, are not always easy to practice. No one will take care of this one for me, right? You've inspired me. Today is going to be a great day. Thanks.

  • I know you got this. Yes, we all wake to this thing going on inside of us daily we must not let it win for even a moment. Smile in its face as I do when I have to lean against the wall to brush my teeth, I smile and say to PD, " I have a wall to lean on ".

  • I LOVE your positive attitude! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and reminding us that things could be a WHOLE lot WORSE!

  • Your welcome and we must continue to remind ourselves that to stay positive, it just makes our whole physical and mental well being fight the good fight that much better.

  • Great positive attitude. I have to continually remind myself that I am blessed. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  • Yes, you are blessed and live in knowing so.

  • Hi Wayne

    I love what you wrote.It is very important to stay positive.I stay away from negative people,they only bring you down.Also humor is helpful. I laugh at myself sometimes when I

    have trouble walking and make a joke about.One time I was having trouble getting out of an

    aisle at a concert and was shuffeling and the people in the row behind were looking at me .

    I started laughing and said "Haven't you ever seen the parkie shuffle,I can teach you."

  • Yes that's how you have to be. I have found in this whole mess that you must first learn to be believed from what others think. Once you can do that you are free. People will stare and wonder what is wrong with you and assume many things without asking you. But I have learned to not care what other think about my condition and smile in the face of it all. We must face the adversity head on and with courage and boldness. And if we laugh at ourselves on the way at least one person is happy.

  • Thanks for sharing this with everyone. Positive is my middle name. . Though it is not always easy, I always try to remember that there are many people not as lucky as I am. Following the latest information on cycling anf Parkinsons, I have decided to get an exercise bike and give it a go!!

  • All you write is so affirming but I particularly like

    " And if we laugh at ourselves on the way at least one person is happy."


  • That is kind of my little motto. If you can't laugh at yourself, especially with all that is going on with PD than who can you laugh at?

    Thank you!!!!

  • I am Leonized!

  • We all should be for sure.

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