2 days POST DBS:))

Phew had my DBS...was a long arduous process but am glad I have that behind me.... for me they were looking at reducing tremors and rigidity....and they were successful in both...My toes do not curl, shoulder does not stiffen up. Of Cos I have to have the second surgery where they put in t h e battery pack and then connect it.. Then the actual fun begins....

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  • I had very successful dbs surgery in March of thiS year so did a friend in august I hope yours will continue to do well.

  • Congratulations...hang in there; follow doctor's orders; don't expect too much too soon and you'll do just great and be happy you did it...I'm 5 months post DBS and still in the process, but can do so much more than I could before...there's a certain amount of " go with the flow" that's part of DBS, but overall, it's a huge improvement.

  • Well done SuKas you are giving me courage and hope. xxx

  • Had mine on July 5th, the day after Independence Day....how appropriate. Jash is right...patience is the key. If you've ever meditated or practice reiki, etc this is the time. It helps to keep you in the present. BTW, before DBS I couldn't type, write, walk, etc. etc. I still can't bungee jump, (LOL), but I can take care of my family for a change, and sometimes I forget for just moments at a time that I have PD!!!

    I wish you all the best.

  • I had DBS surgery in 2007. Best thing I ever did. Congrats and good luck.

  • I had my DBS in May and June for the impulse generator. Follow the therapy following surgery. Very important and exercise. I still have off time but not as bad. Stress still is a big symptom I encounter. Yesterday afternoon was a rough one. I guess I'm still adjusting. I'm looking forward to our monthly support group meeting at 10am.

  • So happy for you SuKas!! I am sending you best wishes for a complete success!!! :-)

  • Glad to hear the positives. I am not there yet, have heard good and bad things about DBS so this is encouraging.

  • Not sure of the procedure

    I have an Appt on Dec . 26.

    Still working full time with special

    Accommodations very hard

    I take meds every 3 hrs.

    I work out every day and have a hard time sleeping

    I will never surrender to Parkinson's life is what you make

    Of it .

    Good luck to all

  • Sounds good. I am set to go sometime after the first of the year. Hope for more control with speech, tremor's and the stiffening of my left leg. And walking. Hate when stuff jumps out in front of me.

  • I had the first surgery in april 2011. The doctor said it would take up to 8 hrs to be completed. The coolest thing was when they activated the probe and all tremors ceased and all sound from the monitor went silent. The surgery was complete in only 2 hrs,a record for this surgeon! All is going good so far

  • Hi...I am recovering from the surgeries...will be going in for the remote programming on the 17th of December. Right now am where I was before surgery....Keeping my fingers and toes crossed:)

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