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Low body temps

Does anyone else have problems with low body temps. I had an episode of about 5 days where my temp was anywhere from 94-95 degrees F. I also had intense pain during this time. Other times it will drop for a few hours and the next thing I know, I am hot and sweating. My dr. said it was probably the affect of the PD on the hypothalmus.

Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this. I know that heat sensitivity comes with PD but have not found anything referring to low body temps.

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My body temperature has been lower too and I wondered if anyone else has experienced. It is as if my entire metabalism has slowed down. I assume it is the PD. It's not a serious problem except I wake up early in the morning too cold to stay asleep and often if I try to nap in the afternoon. I"m not really cold on the outside - just on the inside. I wonder if that makes sense to anyone.


My husband has also had a change in body temperature and I am assuming it has something to do with his PD. He used to be able to stand the cold but now he has to have tons of blankets on his bed and sometimes he wears extra clothing during the day to keep warm.


Do you check his body temp when he is cold? I can go from freezing with a 94.5 degree temp wearing a jacket in the house and then sweating and hot with a 98 degree temp within a few hours of each other.


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