I know we all suffer from constipation occasionally, however, lately mine has become a daily problem. A few days ago my brother called to see how I was doing. I told him I was doing pretty good except for constipation. He said his doctor told him to try "Laci Le Beau's Super Dieter's Tea". The tea consists of premium blended herbs, leaves and spices designed to help bring balance to your healthy lifestyle. IT WORKS!!! I purchased mine at Sprouts Farmers Market but any health food store should carry it.

Hugs, Terri

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  • hi terri]

    so glad you have found somehting that works for you

    my constipation si nto too bad - unpredictabe=le but itmaay be caused by my lack fo exercsie on certian days

    not sure but it comes and goes and when it si here i take MOVICOL IN A SACHET

    BUT i would rather have it in a cup fo te afomat

    lol jill


    ps how r your bladder probs now??

  • Bladder is still the same. I finally quit taking the antibiotics on Tuesday and am going totally homeopathic. Florajen3, d-Mannose UTI Slip capsules, cranberry capsules, cranberry juice, yogurt and water. This has been on-going since February so something has got to change.

    Thanks for checking.

    Hugs, Terri

  • Thank u i needed something and wanted natural

  • I'm using senna from the health food store two or three times a week. The sennoside laxative from the drug store set off dystonia :P Have tried Movicol--my daughter brought it from UK. It was OK but high sodium hurt my knees. Also have to use suppositories,. OH well, I learned some massage techniques from a physical therapist specializing in abdominal pain. Very helpful. Also foot massage with a little ball. Check out shiatsu or the pressure points of the foot. The fascia has a big effect on constipation and like the skin it covers the whole body :D

  • Thanks.

  • This used to be a problem for me even before diagnosis....and a break in my daily routine would make it worse. This is what changed it all. I started two years ago. Drinking 22 oz. of filtered water first thing in the morning, all at once. Eat breakfast 45 min. later. so simple - but it has worked. Water. Can you believe it??? It works for my husband also. It will also aid in losing weight.

  • Thanks. :-)

  • Thanks for the tip. I hope it works for me!

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