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Does anyone else have problems with their voice since having PD?


I was dxed in '09 and this past year the quality of my voice has drastically deteriorated. I now have a raspy or hoarse-sounding quality to my voice.-- I'm not talking about problems with volume, that some PWPs often have--but quality. It sounds like I have a constant cold. i had my nose probed and my vocal chords looked at, but everything looks normal. This is pretty distressing as I am a musician, and since dx can't play my instrument up to speed. I always had a good singing voice (and speaking voice as well) and thought I could at least fall back on singing, but my voice sounds awful . I am starting some speech/vocal therapy, but I am not optimistic. Any input?

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I have the same and found no solution yet! ~~~Dennis

Hello Janeellen

Did your voice suddenly go, or did it creep up on you?

From what I have read, loss of sense of smell & taste is one of Parky's little bonuses. Mine were already reduced due to a car accident back in 1981, but they are now almost non-existant. Coupled with it is an ever-increasing problem with my sinuses. What little voice had left has now totally gone except for the times I am getting treatment for the sinuses, when I am able to sing in the bath without frightening he dog.

Do you get much trouble with the sinuses? Another time I am able to sing (if that's what you call the cacophony) is when my ears get their annual syringe.

I really feel that my voice problems is related to my medication, rather than a physical defect, because changes in the quality are most pronounced when there is an alteration of meds, such as the introduction of anti-biotics for the sinuses.

Hope this helps


Hi Adrian,

It seemed to creep up on me. I also have lost my sense of taste, not so much my sense of smell. One is supposed to affect the other, but taste is practically non-existent. I do have trouble with the sinuses and although the nasal probe the other week revealed nothing in my throat and nasal passageway, I suspect my sinuses may have something to do with it. But the docs seem to think it is pd related.

Thanks for the reply.


hi Jane and allowercase

i have had sius probelms for many years until recently when i use a nasal spray each day to stop the polyps coming back and keep my sinuses a little clear

but myu sense fo small and taste have more or less gone too

i hav epsp a rare type of parkinsons and i gather each persons symptoms ar e unique

sorry i cannot help you jane

but keep the breahtign and singing up plz

my voicie has become muich quieter and i have hearign aids too and notice i am getting much quieter in my speech

lol JIll


I have the same.

One thought, though...slippery elm lozenges. They may help by lubricating your throat and other tissues.

Good suggestion, shetawk..:-)

Loss of voice is due to the throat muscles becoming weak. Also will lead to inability to swallow in later stages of Parkinsons. I'm taking the Lee Silverman LOUD training and getting help for my soft voice.

I don't have a problem with volume. It's not a matter of loudness or softness, in my case. I have no problem with that. It's the HOARSENESS that is the bothersome

thing with me. I am seeing a speech pathologist who is giving me some vocal exercises to do. The Lee Silverman method will help too. Thanks!

Hello sgain..havent heard from you for a bit. Yes i have the same trouble..i try to start the day turning on the radio or tv and shouting Ahhhhhhhhh! Three times..every day. This keeps my volume up and clears the air ways. ..i read a poem aloud and sing a hymn. Do the mouth, swallowing exercises given by speech thrapy. It sets me up for the day.

I think part of it is the frustration and stress which helps to come out of your body when you yell! Apparently when I talk in my sleep it is normal volume! So our real selves are normal!

Catarrh causes the hoarseness with me...keep off dairy foods..go to nutritionist for advice. Drink lots of water with a slice of lemon and some manuka honey, good luck!

Janellen and friends

Yes, the hoarsness is why I don't sing. I am beginning to think that the sinuses might be due to some sort of allergic reaction to the combination of meds.

Good morning, all. It's 3.30 am, so you can probably guess that Parky is sitting on my shoulder again


I have the hoarseness as well as the softness but when I get loud enough, the hoarseness goes away.

yes the LOUD is not just for volume. Also Alexander Technique will help. I lost my sense of smell too. I read out loud every day as well as chant. and sing.

My singing voice, a serviceable alto for liturgical music and a good blender in choral settings, is pretty much shot, although sometimes I surprise myself. The quality of my speaking voice is very dependent on fatigue, hydration, and overall fitness on every given day. Like everything, it all comes and goes, but It has been better lately, for some unknown reason. I keep forgetting to read aloud everyday; thanks for the reminder, PatV!

See my reply to Dennis.

Hugs, Terri

A lot of us develop a monotone voice. Often it is accompanied by a distinct decrease in loudness. The vocal chords are muscles, so I think it is natural for them to be affected by PD. You may want to ask your doctor to send you to a speech therapist certified in LSVT Loud Therapy (Google it).

I am starting to work with a speech therapist who uses LSVT. My problem right now is with a hoarse voice, not a monotone one. I have no trouble with speaking loudly. It's just the hoarse, raspy quality that has developed and I am told that it is sometimes associated with PD voice problems.

Thanks for your input.

My voice has changed over the last 10 years. I also use to have a good singing voice, but now it tires quickly. I also have tremors in my voice, there are times when they are not so bad and others that they are,

I have problms too.

Of course! Took LSVT LOUD training which was a great help in quality as well as volume. But, sadly, you HAVE to use it or lose it.

I have the same thing happening. My voice is getting raspy too. I used to sing very well and did lots of solo work but now I am totally unable to sing. I can't even do it just to sing along with music for my own enjoyment. I have been to speech therapy and have exercises to do. Yet another fun "surprise" from PD.

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Tell me about it! This unpleasant surprise of not being able to do solo work, and loss of volume, and shakiness of voice, has completely stopped me from performing vocally. It was a big part of my life. Now, just another takeaway, along with many others, that PWP have to deal with. Oh well, I enjoy watching others sing! It is what it is.

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Some people using B-1 have reported benefit for their PD related voice issues among many other issues related to PD. Mag oil may be of some use also as a muscle relaxant, but application to the sensitive neck area may be a problem for some people.


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Thank you for the advice- B-1.

My speech is effected by tremors. When my tremors are bad my speech is garbled. So much so that my husband said that he was worried that he would not be able to understand me. That is very frightening because I have tremors in my hands as well. I can't write or type. I will not be able to communicate at all.

My hubby has been diagnosed recently with Parkinson's disease which was suspected some time ago - whenever he got emotional he'd stammer badly and still does. I haven't noticed anything else with his voice.