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Anyone else suffer from night time muscle twitching?

I am 49 and was diagnosed 4 years ago. Over the last month or so, I have developed twitching of my muscles, what I describe more as electrical impulses. I feel like I'm jumping, but my husband says I'm being perfectly still. Anyone else have this issue?? If so, what have you found, if anything, that helps? This is driving me crazy!

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Hi Sherry:

Yes I do. Not every night but often enough. One more gift of parkinson's I guess.


I wondered about that. When mentioning it to my neuro, he didn't say anything about it. Gotta love Parkie. Thanks Grayland. Nice to know I'm not by myself!


This sounds like RLS - Restless Legs Syndrome but you don't say which muscles are twitching so it is hard to say.

However, I have RLS and I take an 8mg slow release Ropinirole each morning. In addition, I need to take a 1mg Ropinirole at bedtime. If I don't take that extra one there is a good chance that my thigh muscles will start twitching and I can't get to sleep.

Hope that helps.


I would have thought RLS was the issue, except that it is all over the body, not just the legs. Maybe RBS - Restless BODY Syndrome?? :)


I have Parkinson and this was first sign. I am 54


Thanks for the input. I appreciate it.


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