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Take Care

For all the Care-Givers, especially the Spouses such as my wife- JUNE

Unlike you, I have never suffered


Those tears on my pillow are not mine


In this darkest of nights I will not sleep


I do not stumble on this rocky and treacherous path


Now that we are being swept out into the wine dark sea

You: who have borne the burden of increasing responsibilities and a shrinking life with authentic love and courage

You: who has had your true love, your main man, stolen, leaked away from you daily

You: who has defended my honor and pride by lying to cover for my mistakes.

You: who saw your life's dream implode, then swept up the pieces and was off to work before noon.

You: who hold my trust, my power, my family, my Muse and my love

You: who have fought for me, shopped and cooked for me, tandem-danced with me, fed me and somehow still laughs at my stupid jokes.

No, you are the one who has suffered


I have become your Summer man, some days are good, “some are”(Summer) not

It's hard not to be self-centered when it takes all my concentration just to tie my shoes.

But, Heaven still takes my collect calls,

“Forgive me for my sins against you” that fails miserably.

I know that and that there is no blame...

When “I love you” seems so inadequate…

Idiopathic, 3 musketeer Logic

All for one and all for one....but none for you.

Thank you for giving me your heart, your love and your only life, entirely...

I feel that I must be the luckiest man on the face of G-d's Earth..

I thank G-d for all the gifts we have been given, so many wonders, so much beauty...

And for all the great things that await us, Back to/ in the future....

“Things just get better from here”...Michael J.

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Thanks for posting. I have this on my bulletin board.


I hope that this adequately expresses my gratitude for all the seen and unseen good deeds that you do!


It is much appreciated.


This is truly wonderful. I lost my husband, aged 50, just 2 months ago, he had Parkinsons which had then been diagnosed as PSP in April. As he died very suddenly in hospital I still don't know what caused him to leave me so quickly (I have to wait for the Inquest hearing).

But these vile, cruel, dreadful diseases, take everything that we love.

Thank you for sharing your poem with us, for me you've hit so many chords with your words.

My best wishes to you and your wife.



So sorry to hear this. Hope you will be able to keep in touch.


I am so saddened by your loss... So young too... My prayers are for you today.

Thank you for your kind and welcome words.

He will always be with you in Spirit and in your heart...

Here are some words for you Fiona of the Lake...

You, & Me

I kiss the snow you walked on

And it melts away as you did


Your insistent courage and beauty,

An aching tsunami of memories

crashes over me

I’m sorry for now being so meandyoutoo!

I have no choice!

You, my gentle only love, have gone!


Thank you so very, very much.

He was courageous, very, and yes I do have aching tsunami of memories, and feel as though my world is crashing all around me.

He was an absolute amazing man, my soul mate, and I miss him terribly.

Thank you again.



sometimes we hit paydirt other times we eat dirt. You were lucky to have him, then, and now it is the present. what would he tell you to do?

now, he would want only the best for you.

I, for one, give you my permission to diminish your grieving and enjoy all that is possible for your Life... You are forgiven any errors or sins. You are loved as you loved...


Thank You.


This is a very moving tribute. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


Thank you!


Very nice tribute.


Thank you!


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