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Post DBS - physical symptoms of Anxiety. Anyone? Anyone?

DBS done in Feb 2012 - had numbness in toes soon after it was turned on. Have had the DBS steadily for 3 months now. Prescribing meds for anxiety? I never had these physical manifestations of anxiety before. Could lead/contact be the cause? Docs say no. I certainly don't feel depressed - I'm on disabiity and don'not involved in the hell called corporate America anymore - there is always a silver lining.e Can't get them to revisit placement of the lead. Anyone on anxiety meds post DBS? I think they're considering SSRs which might eliminate Azilect which works well for me, but I must be very careful about foods and vitamins and other drug interactions.

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I did not find this was a problem post DBS - in fact I reduced my anxiety drugs if anything. Perhaps it is worth pointing out that it took about a year to get the programming sorted. Stay strong! Tony


Thanks Tony. You hit the nail on the head. I had no anxiety before the DBS. Stimulation changes the neurotransmiiters and the amounts in our brains.

Resolves pre-DBS anxiety

Creates it for those who have a good balance of neuros

Just a theory that make more sense after reading a study done on Vagus nerve stimulation.



I have not had DBS. From general conversations i have heard that it can have an effect on mood and this is now being researched. It depends where the electrodes are placed, As Tony says it may take time for things to settle but I also think you are wise to monitor your change in symptoms

from a poster presentation

Results support our clinical experience of a higher prevalence of emotional symptoms of depression following STN DBS despite good motor outcome. Total scores on self-report measures of depression mask the changes in mood state experienced post DBS. The importance of separately analyzing emotional and physical signs of distress in PD following STN DBS is highlighted.


Thanks Hikoi - That is good info


I was on anxiety med before so can't help there but it does take time to get tuned in just right


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