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No tremor-just sticking and losing balance

Is anyone else like me. i have a type of parkinsons called pure akinesia gate freezing.

I'm on 6 madopar a day but it doesn't seem to be helping.

What medication are you on?

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I also have no tremor. I have un steady gait, poor balance, I am real stiff at times , slow movement, and I also have a freezing episodes. all of this fast progress . I take sinemet and mirapax. I'm take them every 2 hours. I have a lot of wear off in between doses.


I am the same, just no mirapex thank goodness although I hear it might give me a heart attack and cure my PD so I could add it later if things go down hill. ( I'm JOKING, some of you guys need to laugh a little) I take so much Sinemet the drug rep came by my house the other day to thank me personally for his latest bonus. Going to start home delivery for me with a Semi trailer.

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yea, i just recently heard that about mirapax. i go see my doc. thurs. to see if i can get off it. lately i have been nausea and have vomiting, been dizzy and walk like a drunk and since i cut back some i haven't had that and the heart attack thing that scares me,...surely don't need one of those on top of this. do you take sinemet only? how often?


Only the Sinemet and take 400/100 mg. 6 times a day. I have resisted trying any other meds due to the side effects I would rather not deal with.



ki was dxd in 2010 iwht PSP and there r no meds for it - i tried car /dopa and amantadine nad no chnage was anothe reway of diagnosign THE PSP

i hav ebalance problems / co -oridnaiton probs/ gait freezing in myh left leg / eyes closign and not blinking enough/ downwarad gaze a little affected // ge ttdizzy when i turn round/bladder and bowel probs

but i am sure i i have the slow sort of psp as i hav esome degree fo stabiltyh at the moment--

not got much worse in the last 12 months

lol Jiill



I have freezing/walking problems too . My balance is not affected so much as i do tai chi and go for a run at least every other day. I take 22mg/day of Requip XL (controlled release) and have been taking Requip for over 5 days - just started taking Madopar (1x 62.5mg , 3x a day) and this helps . Tried Sinemet but it made me feel ill............we're all different !!


oops........should say 5yrs not 5 days..............thanks PD !!



I don't shake either. My symptoms are on on one side. I freeze,walk slow,pain and abnormal gait. I have to take Mirapex and levodopa. If I don't take them I would not be able to walk. Maybe you should take to your neuro DR and see if Mirapex will work for you.


I would not take mirapex again if you PAID me! Nausea and swelling and compulsive behaviors--but that's just me. Also have no tremor, Loss of motion on left side, dystonic tendonitis and gait and balance problems since 2002. On sinemet 25/100 since 2005 (?) now 5 x a day . I have to take prior to a snack or meal because I have visceral off. Also take xanax for pain and clonopin for sleep.


Thanks for all your replies, it really does help talking to people who have the same symptoms.


I do have tremors and I do fall into things. I have so many bruises on me I look like I've been beaten. I told my son , whom I live with, that I was going to turn him in for elder abuse. (he's a good guy, but likes to tease mom) He " good then they'll put you in a home." I don't have the freeze though.

Hugs, Hugs, Hugs



It's good to see that there are others who don't have tremors.My jaw tremors and my teeth rattle. But balance is terrible! Hard to get around, and getting out of a chair - bad. Also the freezing bit. I do that a lot. I cannot write. My memory seems to be getting worse, as well a other cognitive things. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago. Had it before then. My speech is affected, soft, etc. I've been to neurologist (on my second one). Can't do much walking, so don't go out much. Don't think I'll be driving much more. Get lost and don't know how to get places. I drive OK, just get lost.


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