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Litebook Elite Lamp

Today's Sunday Mail carries a report in the health section about the above lamp. This review specifically states that use of this lamp, which is not cheap, 'can reduce the symptoms of Parkinsons'. It also says that a study conducted in Germany found that 'light therapy significantly improved tremors and mood in those with Parkinsons'.

I was wondering whether anyone had used this lamp and what their findings were. I think this sounds too good to be true and would need more recommendations before buying one. But, on the other hand, as tremor is my main symptom, I could be tempted.

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Court, your question interested me and I did a little research. It seems that there are a few clinical trials in the works that indicate there is a benefit to light therapy for Parkinsons patients. The problem is, they do not all agree on what type of light is effective...( High intensity, low intensity, laser)... and duration of exposure

Light therapy has been used successfully to treat depression, and some of the same theory applies in part to Parkinsons.

So I guess the question it the right type of light, the right intensity and length of exposure to actually be of benefit? It seems the jury is still out on that..

I too would like to hear from someone who has used this lamp you mention. It is an interesting idea.


If you get more info or try it, let us know.


I would also be interested in knowing more about it. Please post it if you decide to purchase it and let us know how it works out. Thanks.


I am currently using light therapy whihc combines bright light with a gradual reduction in medication. I am doing it in consultation with the Bronowski Institute in Australia ( It's taking time - have to be patient - but I'm very hopeful it will prove to be helpful.

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Great again to share thanks keep us in touch x


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