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Building memories

Among the many friendly, informal talks in which I had the pleasure of participate during the Unidos contra el Parkinson's meeting last July, there is one which is returning to my mind over and over.

In line with the pleasant moments experienced during the day we were discussing on the fact that positive emotions have a powerful effect on Parkinson's symptoms.

Everybody agreed that this kind of "magical aura" spread its effects beyond the present moment when you feel it, lasting even days or weeks and every time you can recall it to your mind.

At the end of the evening we had discovered a new scope for patients meetings or other PD community events: building memories.

In every PD community event, beside raising awareness on the disease, giving voice to our demands, helping each other, we are now aware that every moment we live, we're building memories.

These memories will be with you and will be part of you.

Recalling it's somehow (re)living.

And now we can enjoy even more every day willing to store more and better memories in the warehouse of our minds.

After all, why should we fear what the future could bring, we just build our future stone by stone, memory by memory.

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Thank you for this. So many things flooding my mind...memories. I think I'll start a collage of memories...with pictures and notes of good memories, all over a wall. Let's see, where shall I start?


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