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Today I took my first trip on a plane from Florida to New Jersey since I started to have off times where my legs freeze. It turned out to be very successful.We dropped our car off at the parking lot and were driven right to the curbside baggage check in. A wheel chair was brought and I was taken right thru security and boarded theplane first when we arrived in New Jersey I was met with another wheel chair. Eveyone was so nice and helpful and all the anxiety I had about traveling disappared. I was so happy to see my daughter son in law and three grandchildren. I feel a real sense of accomplishment that I ovrcame my fear.PD will take so much from you if you let it We cannot stop trying.

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hi broooke

fantastic! well done

i have given up the idea of flying anywhere (am in the uk)

But you make me htink again

LOl Jill



Please don't give up Jillian. Just put yourself in the hands of your airline.

I let them know ahead of my condition and how it varies. When i get to the airport I go to "Special Services" and then magic things happen that take all the stress off. Most airlines are very accommodating and offer extra assistance. Please, don't feel guilty, they would rather know and be prepared rather reacting to a potentially bad situation. This has allowed me to fly regularly with or without a companion.

Happy travels and I hope that you are considering coming to Montreal, Canada next year for the 3rd World Parkinson Congress. A must do event!!!! This is the best investment that you can make into understanding and living with Parkinson's Disease.

Ryan Tripp , Canadian ambassador WPC 2013


Thanks, you explained it better than I did Ryan. I will also keep Montreal in mind. I was born there.


Ryan, thanks for letting us kknow about the WPC! I'm excited. I think I could even drive there (it's only about 650 niles)... perhaps better than dealing w/airport security. That's a nice web site they have.... At least at this point I'm planning to attend.


so glad everything worked out for you.


Good for you, I also live in FL and plan my first trip to NY in Novemeber.




I was anxious about flying alone as now I need a walker for long distance due to wearing off. A friend explained how she brought her walker. The wheel chair attendant pushed me with walker on lap (good to go early in morning) and we whizzed through security. Good to have tips ready for these nice attendants. The attendants are great at LaGuardia (one of the few things!) Not so good at St. Louis where they are very short handed. Go for it!


Welcome aboard to WPC 2013 in Montreal next year. It truly is a "MUST DO" event.

Please check the website and pass the word along!! You can reach me personally at if you have any questions or concerns.


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