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Mission Accomplished; Return to HU

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What a year! Covid or not, I focused on the necessary task of relocating my husband and myself to another city in order to be closer to family. He has Lewy Body Dementia, and I have PD, so it's a no-brainer, right?! Selling a house, buying a house, downsizing, packing, moving are stressful at best, but with a spouse who unpacked boxes as soon as I could pack them, suspected all repairmen of robbing us, etc, our experience was a nightmare.

But it's over, we're here, and my PTS symptoms (from the move) are fading. I am closer to my MDS, and I've entered a clinical trial of a continuous subcutaneous infusion of CD/LD. I suspect I'm on placebo, but in 4 weeks can enter the open label phase. Everything I incorporated after learning about on this site (Melatonin, Lithium Orotate, Thiamine, NAC, etc) helped to keep me active and sane during this time. Thank you!

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You're a gladiator.

I too moved house last year, from the south of England to Scotland to be near family. I was diagnosed with PD eleven years ago and my husband is 85 and didn’t want to move! I couldn’t talk to him about any of the moving problems and handled all the legal and organisational stuff myself, alone. I was surprised how calm I managed to be through all the stress. Well done you. I hope you are enjoying your new location as much as we are.

Big hugs!!!!!!! 💖

Congratulations! I hope you are happy on your new home.

Congratulations and welcome back!

Congratulations! We downsized to an apartment a few years ago, and it really isn’t easy with PD and cognitive impairment. He still doesn’t know our new address and can’t work the elevator or the locks! But, now we’re thinking of moving again to lower cost of living and to be closer to friends for support. Any advice is welcome!

Hi, have you thought of trying Mannitol. The effect on my husband, both motor and non motor was dramatic.

See my post.

Wow you’re a champ! Moving is up there as one of the most stressful life events for anyone but especially for older folks and those with chronic illnesses. Well done and best to you both in your new home!

You are exceptional! Stay at it, girl!


Very impressive that you were essentially able to do it all on your own with so many things stacked against you! Amazing on so many levels!!!


Thank you, Art!

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