Has anyone lost their confidence when swimming

I used to love going to the beach (as I come from Australia,hence the name) and swimming, no problem. Now I get the feeling of panic that I'll drown. Even when I am at water aerobics, if I miss my footing in the pool, I panic. Any suggestions

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  • YES I PANIC! No I have no suggestions. My friends will be gobsmacked - I'm not normally lost for words.

  • SPEEDO AQUA FITNESS BELT straps under the armpit area and is made for water workouts. It keeps your head above water so if you lose your footing, you will not have to panic. You can get these online from many sources by searching under SPEEDO AQUA FITNESS. They also make foam dumbells to be used in water to help strengthen your muscles while doing pool exercise.

    ( these are a dense foam so you look athletic ..not at all like a kids flotation device)

  • Hello Kat00, I am looking to buy this belt you suggested but am not sure which is the one that straps under the arms instead of the waist? Could you let me know or send me the link to it? I would much appreciate your help. Thanks

  • great idea, Kat

  • I also panic because I seem to be unable to put my feet down. I can now float really well whereas before this problem I found floating difficult. I have to be able to get to the side of a pool in order to stand up and the sea, I used to love, now terrifies me. Don't think floating aids would help my problem.

  • I have the same problem (not being able to keep feet down). We bought 2 1/2 pounds ankle weights---problem solved. :-) :-)

  • So glad to hear they worked because I just got them to help me keep my feet on the bottom, otherwise I can't keep myself righted and panic. I was in the pool with my fammily and friends and they all thought I was just goofing around. Scary.

  • PS. You are right about floating aids. They just tip me over and because I can't get my feet down I can't always right myself. :-(

  • I understand your problem. The only reason i suggested this particular belt is that it straps under the armpit around the chest area so it keeps you from tipping over.( flotation devices around the waist can make you float upside down!) The feet on the ground problem is not helped by this...but it would help panic if you are afraid of your head going underwater . Hope you can find an answer and get back in the water soon!

  • Thanks.

  • And some !!!

    Until I started showing the PD symptoms I used to go swimming twice a week. I could make 10 lengths of the Tottenham pool non-stop. But my feet progressively sank nearer to the bottom of the pool, until I couldn't swim. Scary thing is that this came on in just 3 months.

    Good luck


  • I can report exactly the same thing last year. I lose the ability to flutter kick which is what keeps me stabilized and moving forward. Now I sink..

  • even sadder is the fact that we had a pool built at huge expense when i was not as bad as i am now - so i am now scared to g in wuthout a huge rubber tyre - which mkes it very hrad t0 swim but i can at least walk accross the pool and kick my legs vigerously - like tlongmire i cannot out my feet down once i am on my back so may invest in some weights .. but i used to love swimming - it iis just so sad ;-(

  • hi

    i too used ot love swimming and aqua aerobics

    but can no longer go to ther pool as

    the shower area is dangerous - my balance is so bad i might fall

    the changing area ditto

    and the pool itself - i cant swim as i cant co ordinate my hand sand legs any more

    and find i tdifficul tot put my feet on the bottom o f the pool too

    sad but htere it is

    lol JIll


  • Sink to bottom of pool without floats

  • Yes, I almost drowned 2 years ago when I was in the pool by myself, my medicine wore off, and I went straight down twice. Startled, because I have been in the ocean all my life from childhood, I struggled with all my power and more to keep from going down the fateful 3rd time. It was because my movements have gotten smaller and with my body being so stiff, I couldn't just float on the water. I did you back to swim a couple times after that but I have just stopped. Too risky and I'm not ready to die just yet.

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