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Has anyone tried glutathione?

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I have been diagnosed 5 years now and unmedicated due I believe to B1 & exercise. I have been recommended by someone to start taking Clinical Glutathione as a treatment. Anyone had any experience with this? Thanks everyone. Biff

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I prepare my own intranasal glutathione from pure powder and distilled water. I take it at night before I go to bed, although part of me thinks I should start taking it twice a day.

When I started it, I noticed a profound improvement in my sleep that lasted at at least 3 weeks. Suddenly I was sleeping in solid 8 hour blocks.

Unfortunately this benefit didn't persist, at least not in such a stark way. It may still help me sleep better by degrees, but to be honest I'm having trouble sleeping again.

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terni in reply to ElliotGreen

MY HWP tried the intranasal first and it did absolutely nothing. Dr said likely because it isn't high enough dose, AND so much runs out with out getting into blood stream. Look and see if IV infusions is available near you.

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My HWP just began the glutathione infusions and so far he notices improved mental clarity, less tired, and some diminished tremors. His doctor has been studying for 6 years and many of her parkinson's patients have had great results. It is early on and they say it needs to build in his system, but we are going to try 1X a week, 3000mg, for about 3 months, we'll keep a log. As we have more feedback, I'll let you know.

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After 3 months of glutathione all we noticed was the opposite of what it is supposed to do; he was tired for 36 hours after infusion. We discontinued.

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I tried it for a little while, but a couple lowering my blood pressure to 60 over palp. So I had to stop, so I'm not even sure if there was any benefit

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I use liposomal glutathione. 10 pumps per day. Not sure I have noticed any benefits

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I tried intervenous glutathione for about six months. Immediately on injection I noticed feeling extremely dizzy and my ears ringing very loudly, these things subsided in about a half an hour. I never noticed any other differences or benefits. Then my veins started blowing out from all the Injections. I am going to start internasal Glutathione as soon as it arrives in the mail. My functional doctor ordered the prescription for me and recommended it. He seems to feel enough will get through it blood brain barrier. I feel taking it through the internasal system I can continue long-term since I don’t have to involve my veins.

I was assuming I could not pinpoint immediate benefits but there would be a benefit long-term from its antioxidant properties.

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I’ve had glutathione IV’s on two separate sequences- a series of ten early in my diagnosis and another eight IV’s about a year ago. Did not get any results of note. No negative side effects. In my case, I can’t say that it helped in any way.

Currently focused on supplements, diet, red light therapy, IR sauna, and exercise. Diagnosed in 2013. Unmedicated.

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Greencolor in reply to EnterTheDragon

Hi Dragon, It is interesting to know that you are managing with out medication for a long time! I would like to know what was your PD symptoms that you have managed to control. I am interested to know about your supplements, diet, red light therapy IR sauna and exercise in detail. Thank you for your co-operation.

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EnterTheDragon in reply to Greencolor

My major PD symptom is mobility. I get a lot of freezing up /slowness of movement. It has progressively gotten worse over the years, despite my trying traditional Parkinson medication. None of which have worked by the way. I rely on supplements especially high-dose B1, Tyrosine, arginine, NAC, taurine , and a whole number of other supplements. I make use of the red light helmet and red light pad up to 90 minutes every day. My tremors are pretty well under control and some days I don’t have any. It’s a difficult thing to measure progress and I am only hoping that it is easing up on the symptoms and slowing the progression down. My inability to walk short distances is what affects me most negatively.

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Hi Biff. I have been using Trizomal Glutathione for quite a while. I can’t attribute any particular benefit to this supplement but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t help in some way, as it is supposed to support intracellular and mitochondrial antioxidant processes.

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My husband has done IV glutathione in the past. It is time consuming and expensive but seemed to help. Not covered by insurance so can get expensive to do regularly over time. glutathione is a sulfur based molecule and sulfur is disrupted in PD. I think PD is more complicated that glutathione can solve because it is a downstream solution to a problem that is ongoing. Identifying the root cause/causes are necessary otherwise glutathione may not be able to keep up over time. We have some liposomal glutathione that he takes several times a week.

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Here's a paper that may be useful in understanding redox hindawi.com/journals/omcl/2...

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I was diagnosed with Parkinson ISM in 2017. About time I was shuffling my feet and had hand tremors. I did 25 to 30 IV treatments of glutathione and an equal number of acupuncture treatments. At the time I sure will did really help but they came very expensive. I now takeNAC and alpha lipolic acid.

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