good news for a change

i recently lost my esa benefit at the end of april, i got in touch with my local cab rep who gave me a letter to send off asking them to look at my case again i also sent a letter from my gp who was in total support of my case ..... result , this morning i got a letter from the dwp saying they had changed there dicesion in my favour and they have even put me in the support group which i have been trying to get on for four years so what im trying to say guys is dont give upand things will come right in the end all the best to those fighting the system yours floppy

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  • WONDERFUL!!! So happy for you. :)

  • Congratulations!! Please keep passing on this advice - ALWAYS get outside agency support when filling in forms: IT WORKS!

  • BRILLIANT NEWS!! :-D more power to your elbow!!


  • Well done you, its great to hear some positive news, yes power to the PDPs xx

  • Didn't Parkinsons UK area rep help ? Mine helped me to get DLA and ESA - I got put into the Support group after 20mins with the ATOS OH doc - very nice lady , very sympathetic - I's not normally that "easy" I think we shoulld get it automaatically without question but the UK gov thinks that everyone who claims benefits is somehow a scrounger !!

    Stay strong


  • That's wonderful. Good for you.

  • Great news. Always always get external help, it ususally make a huge difference. I only hope the DWP dont legislate against this in the future. Ayone subscribe to the Benefits and Work site and is it any good?

  • hey my friend such great news i knew it would come back around in your favor. please tell me more about the support group u refef to in your blog it is good to know u are still fightning miss u my friend


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