It's been an issue for years...I have been on & off medication but the whole restless legs trouble that I am going through now is making me want to scream! I feel like I have run the Boston Marathon backwards & forwards....tap danced my way up and down broadway...kicked enough mud off my shoes...and...and...well you get my drift. No one can imagine the pain until you have gone through it yourself. It's the worst at night/early morning, it interrupts sleep but also happens throughout the day...and after a car ride. What are some things to do in search of relief????? Thanks in advance for your help....

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  • Have you tried Mirapexin? This really helped my husband. He did not sleep at night for 7 months through RLS and only managed a 3 hour sleep during the day. In the end he was not only tired but also becoming depressed as sleep deprivation is horrendous. Hope this helps.x

  • ElaineMay...thank you so much for you advice....I will check it out...

  • I suffer from restless legs sindrome too buut I find rerlief from walking a few miles every evening. Try it

  • Say What????????? Walk a few miles with RSL?????? I can hardly walk from the bedroom to thebathroom. Do you just walk slowly? Do you take a dog with you? I could try it, Isuppose. It woud sure beat the pain all night from RLS. ~~~Dennis

  • Walking helps me too. I'm working my way up to a couple of miles. Easier with a companion. Be careful of compulsive disorders with Mirapex--a minority of people who use it develop gambling, sexual and other addictive behaviors. I did and it also made me very sick. Works for some. Good luck.

  • I thought it would be best to walk with my dog providing i could walk. Is there a target speed while walking.

  • not really. If I have a companion, I ask them to set the pace. If alone, I follow someone who's a little faster.

  • Casey

    I note there is also an RLS Health Unlocked site. You may like to visit to see if there is any useful information for you there.

  • I suffered on and off with restless legs for years but then found a company called simply vital who recommended their product cal VitalCalm. I find it wonderful and would now never be without it. Hope this helps someone else

  • You may want to try a pill called ropinirol here in Canada --(maybe a different name elsewhere) but it really works. Of course it takes up to an hour to work but at least they will stop so you can stop dancing backwards - forwards - hitting your legs etc.

    Best of luck. I know how uncomfortable it can make us feel..... Good Luck to you...........

    Oh, Ropinirol is used specifically Restless Leg Syndrome and Parkinson's disease.

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