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I hate my life now! Until I watched this video!

I was sick with the flu, bad enough to have PD, but add coughing bodyaches etc etc and I wanted to die. Then I watched this

I am tired of giving my heath over to a doctor who goes home to his family and doesn't think about me anymore.

I want control of my health back, this seems liek a good place to start.

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I did not watch the video, have had lot of examples of the fact that having a chronic illness does not came with a dispensation for the stuff everyone is susceptible to!!! Shoulders back !! chin up !! (what a lot of hog wash ! ) Did that help??


No but thanks anyway!


Jomc I agree with you completely. Some people thought this video was funny and nonsense, but to me it's common sense. I'm going to go for it. I hope you get over the flu quickly and feel better.


Thank you Mary Alice, the side effects of my meds are worse than the PD, Iam taking contro; of my health from here on.

Good luck keep on keeping on!


Jomc, I took the time to watch this video and want to thank you for posting it. It makes perfect sense to me. We are what we eat. My sister-in-law recently started the Paleo diet (Hunter's and Gather's diet) that was discussed in this video. She told me that she hasn't felt better in a long time and on the plus side has lost 25 lbs. I plan on educating myself on the paleo diet and giving it a try. It is a healthy way of eating, and if my health improves, it will have been worth the time to do the research.

I know what you mean about the side effects of your meds being worse than the PD. With me, I'm not always sure if it is the PD or the meds. I think we have to be our own advocate and take control of our health.

I hope by the time you read this, you are feeling better. Flu be gone! :)

Take care,

Cheri :)




Maybe it is not a double blind controlled study observed by the cream of the croppie doccies. What do they know? anyway they ain't making me feel better. I am addicted to dopamine and neeed to be very careful about how I go about removing it slowly from my sytem, crutches also make cripples..


Makes perfect sense to me

we wouldnt dream of putting fuel in our cars that caused the engine to rust, the performance to decline and the fumes to corrode the bodywork

we value our cars too much for that

yet we do exactly that to our bodies, without a second thought.

Our bodies have hardly evolved in the last 160,000 years yet we readily fill them up with processed food, breathe in polluted air and stress them to the limit.

All in the name of progress

Is it any wonder we are ill?


Totallly true. In US of A, florida I yo-yo into the positive and negative. but I have always been a pioneer, I used to love pie on my knee, I gave that up when they diagnosed me. Back to the trail Yippeee ky ya


I watched it and am impressed. I just started charting my food on Lose It, not because I want to lose, but because I want to keep track of how much fiber I'm eating. I'm following a plan for diverticulitis by Arthur White, not that I know I have it but something like it that PD just LOVES!!! :( I want to be "regular" without all those pills!


Hi PatV,

If you want to be regular and free of drugs as well as Parkinson's; read this: http// I think this doctor has really found the cause and cure of Parkinson's!



Wow. Thank you. Making menus and grocery list now. When I find myself saying, "When I get better," I chastise myself with the thought that, of course, I will only decline. Not without a fight. Nothing can make me eat organ meats, but I think I can learn to eat brussell sprouts, turnips, and egads, I love spinach, colorful food, etc. She was most persuasive. Anyone else gonna try this--let's keep up with each other.

Thank you for posting this.


I love women! My wife particularly'

Thank you always beautiful


I am going to try this,it can only help not hurt.I don't think I can do the organ meats.I am sure you can eat the color combination of fruits and vegetables you like.Better to do something positive than wallow around in self pity!


I have'nt eaten "meat" in 40 years, the very thought of frying animal grease nauseate me too. So I went to the storer, veggie store, a massive, one here and was so excited to buy beets, org carrots etc etc etc, I told the owner he had the best store in the world.

I walked in: the first table is loaded with fresh blueberries attended by his14 y.o sweet as innocent love who bubbles at me try some they are the best with a smile that broke my icy heart. i told her keep on smiling love always smile, brooke clear heart!


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