Alternative/complementary approaches to Parkinsons Disease

I write this article in the hope that it may help some if I share some of my experiences. I can honestly say that I do not have the answers to Parkinsons Disease but I can also say that I have found out an awful lot more about myself whilst looking.

I am 43 with Parkinsons Disease. I have done the "it is not going to beat me" bloody minded approach. I have fallen down the hole known as dopamine agonists. I have climbed out and cut myself off from all potential risks in self protection. I have been in a very dark place.

A little background is required - I was a Computer Progammer; a project manager; a software manager. I was a very left brained person.

My sister regularily told me to look into alternative therapies but I actively avoided them.

One day I sat is the chripodists (I had this crazy idea that if I could get rid of the bloody annoying verruca on my foot then the removal of this virus would kick in a refresh of my immune system). Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a leaflet for an alertnative therapist. Well nothing else had worked so why not give it a go?

I made an appointment to see a lady called Allison; I duly turned up and she asked me what my problems were. I told her I really did not know why I was there but I had PD and recently my world had fallen apart. We talked for most of the session and then at the end she asked if she could perform some healing on me. I said yes. Basically she walked around waving her arms about. I did not feel anything but thanked her for her efforts. I then asked her how much I owed her. The answer came back "How much can you afford?". In other words she was quite happy to provide her service for free. I think we agreed on £10 which in no way covered her costs.

I went home and thought no more of it. A few days later I felt wierd; there was something happening in my head. I could feel "stuff" around the top of my head. I went to bed that evening and woke up in the middle of the night and felt a thought in my head saying "connect me to my right brain". Well my body lit up like a pinball machine. I would describe it like having a hot flush but much more intense. I thought this was a one-off but each time I told myself to connect to my right brain it happened. Bloody wierd and scary.

There is a lot more to this story - a lot more. But the upshot of what I am trying to get across is that there is a lot more to finding the answer to this disease than the western world science allows for.

I still struggle with PD but I know I am on a journey and I have hope that I can find my answers. I will give you a couple of examples of how I now help myself. I regularily struggle wiht foot cramps and rigidity in bed at night. I also struggled with head twisting. My head twisting is pretty much gone now (except in times of great stress) and I have found a way of being at ease with myself at night.

I hope article this provokes thought even if it is just a thought that i am clearly nuts!

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  • Something to pray about.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Dear andrewr,

    Have you tried Physical Therapy with a qualified therapist who has a working knowledge of movement disorders? There is a lot of evidence that patients with PD who exercise regularly under the supervision of a qualified PT do better than those who do not. My thoughts go with you!!

  • My PT changed my life! Highly recommend one. :)

  • Hi, thank you for your comments; I am booked in to see a rehabilitation specialist next month but my main exercise at the moment is walking around the lake at Trentham Gardens regularily. Also we have a 20 month old child so life is not too sedentary!


  • Thank you for your comment; I think that anybody with a serious disease becomes desperate at some stage. From my experience I now see PD as a "Stop, look and listen" sign; In other words i strongly believe I needed to change my life anyway. I also strongly believe there is hope for all.

  • Thanks. I am very left brained as well. I find acupuncture helps with brain/body balance. I am trying kinesiology at present. Do you take meds? Im thinking of starting on mucuna pruriens..

  • Hi, I do take and indeed need meds to keep me moving. i was taking stalevo 4 times a day but have recently added hald sinemet twice in the night. if I had my time again I would certainly hold off the meds for as long as I could; but I was trying to keep a job down and needed them. It is very much an individual choice.

  • I havent taken any yet as everyone seems to find bad side effects or develop other symptoms. It all seems to me a bit trial and error...sometimes it is better to leave things alone and help the body/brain to heal itself rather than use chemi cals..did you try john colemans book or mentoring? Im thinking about it..he says he recovered from stage 4 whatever that is.

  • No I have not - but will look it up!

  • Andrew YOU ARE NOT NUTS. This site is giving us so many insights & new avenues to follow - it's a real liife-saver. Long story short - I spent 2 yrs trying to treat my PD symptoms using alternative treatments & therapies with the full support of the professionals. When my condition deteriorated to the extent that I could barely walk, my whole left side was clawed & I was in pain all the time I started conventional treatment. Now I combine the 2 & on good (most) days people who don't know tell me that if I hadn't said I was a PwP they wouldn't have guessed. I'd love to hear what you have tried, I'm happy to share any & everything of my PD experiences if anybody is interested.

  • I have read where acupunture can be helpful. There is a clinical trial going on but it is too far a drive for hubby to try it. He cannot drive far and I still work so we can't keep their needed schedule. I am currently seeking a local acupuncturist with the necessary knowledge.

  • Hi, I am currently looking into Medical Qigong in Newcastle. The lady who runs it has a great deal of interest in young onset parkinsons disease. I also am working with a very good homeopath.

  • Thanks for sharing your story Andrew! I am a very left-brained person (background in finance) but when Western medicine offered little hope for my son's neurological issues we sought out diet and nutrition for him. Fast forward 5 years and he is doing great but recently had some yeast outbreaks. Long story longer, a more strict diet did not seem to help, prescription meds did not help, so lacking any other choices I went to an energy healer and within 3 treatments his yeast rash was gone. I now count energy medicine as one of the tools in our tool basket to help him. I am also bartering services with another energy healer and am excited to be working with her. It's worth learning about. There are several different energy modalities and I don't know which is the best.

  • Hi, from my knowledge the energy modalities are changing quite often at the moment; but the thrust of engery healing is to work on your energetic bodies, mental and emotional. "fixing" these leads to physical healing.

  • I believe in alternative therapies but not enough I guess. Acupuncture led to tear in hip. Energy therapy resulted in hernia. Etc. Put off taking sinemet as long as you can but when you need it take. You'll figure itr out

  • I am an Acupuncturist who gets Treated by my former classmates, frequently. I also studied Alice Bailey's work on Physics and Chakra balancing. All good stuff. I take, to my Chagrin, 3 Sinemet and 1 requip Three times daily> i feel as if I am an Dopamine Addict. Before the onset of my PD symptoms, I would never take even an aspirin. So I hate the thought of taking such high doses of Sinemet. My Acupuncturist, has worked with me to remove this hatred of the Meds. She

    says if it works use it. I find Tai Chi, Meditation and vigorous exercise helps. There is more to this life than meets the external eye. I've posted a guided meditation on Youtube, 30 minutes of me gently talking and leading to relaxation.. I find it extremely helpful when I hit the fatigue wall at @ 3 or 4 pm. I've tried Mucuna, EFAs, Gluthathione, (sic) Enzyme therapy, Detox protocols, for metals. I am doing as well as I can, but some days, well you know don't you...

    Thanks to you all who fight the Good Fight. Keep your Halos handy!

    ****** give it a shot it can't hurt!

  • Hi,

    Thanks for this. Meditation really helps me. I know exactly what you mean about feeling like a dopamine addict - I am currently experiencing off periods - my body wants more even though I dont!

  • Off periods last longer now than ever before.

    I can't tell my wife, my friends how badly I'm feeling now. Because I've always hated complaining and complainers.

    Now I'm the biggest one I know...

  • Andrew, one of my closest friends is a recently qualified homeopath (I was one of her trial patients), she networks with a kinesiologist, reflexologist, aromatherapists, Reiki etc. I'm receiving Deep Tissue Massage from a sports physio, PD physio, hydro, hypnotherapy & my LIFESAVER 5 Elements acupuncture. I do take an interest in the mechanics of alternatives but I'm inclined to accept the benefits (for me) without feeling the need to delve further. Pat I'm bemused & intrigued re your experiences with acupuncture & energy therapy. Perhaps you could enlighten me?

  • what is energy therapy? Who gives it? What herbs are found to be good for MSA? Does anybody get good results with acupuncture? Jane

  • Look up The Parkinson Institute in Sunnyvale California. Read the articles written by Janice Walton Hadlock.She says some Parkinsons can be cured.One of them is some people had a foot injuryand the other is from emotional trauma.

  • Thank you!

  • I believe in miracles and healing.Also after reading this article it made a lot of sence to me. I had a foot injury that was never properly healed some years ago.also a emotional trauma around the time I was showing symptoms of PD.The way I found this site I googled "Can you get PD from an emotional trauma" If you read the articles let me know what you think,maybe I'm crazy too.

  • Thanks Andrew for sharing this. Will give it a try.

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