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Morning still here not sure if in mind or body but some thing.Question please/

I'm taking 125 Sinement sometimes it works well for a few hours the the 2nd one workk well but the third one does nothing after 2hours take a 1/4 still nothing so take another 1/4 still waiting.

It was llike the other day when i was stuck.

What am i doing wrong Dr said play with it but i'm only getting a few hours.Rang pd nurse 4 times thursday left messages nothing.she wont be back until next tuesday.

I'm doing this pretty much on my own.

Does anyone no why the meds are doing this please.

Like most of u dont sleep.


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sometimes it takes awhile to find the right combination of dosage amounts and frequencies. PD seems to manifest differently in each of us and we all react diferently to the meds. I seem to do best with a combo of Simemet and Mirapex, taking Sinemet 5x per day, Mirapex at 3 of those and then Sinemet slow release at night. How long this combo will work for me is unknown. but just keep playing with it - my symptoms are somewhat controlled, Still I don't sleep alot. Good luck


For me it has a lot to do with how I'm digesting, which I have no or little control over. Sometimes I'm frozen for hours and then suddenly I'm doing the one leg cancan!


I'm on about 10 different medications so when I'm screwed up I have no idea which one it is....


Too many meds? Ask your Dr. to narrow down the dosages that you really need. Also a pill box reminder set up works best for me.


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