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Diabetes drug that may slow Parkinson's

This article was featured in today's paper. It says that a drug used in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes is being tried on early stage Parkinson's patients. It appears that research has shown that it appears to slow down the loss of brain cells that produce dopamine. This drug also affects levels of immune cells in the brain, which may protect against inflammation and oxidisation damage, both implicated in Parkinsons.

As this drug is already in use, if the trials prove positive, let's hope it is available to Parkinsons patients before too long.

Sue :-)

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Sounds exciting!

Praying it does work and trials prove positive for us!


Regarding this medication posters may be interested in the following:

Information from the CPT site. CPT are the parent organisation of Parkinsons Movement.



Dr Tom Foltynie

University College London

Exendin is an existing treatment for Diabetes type 2 which appears to have both a neuroprotective and restorative effect. This is being investigated in 20 patients who have been recruited to take part in a pilot study which we have co-designed and are now funding. The trial is being conducted at University College London by Dr Tom Foltynie.

Also an report on Parkinsons Movement main site,


Thank you for this information. I was not sure whether it was alright to share this information, but as it was in the paper I thought it was, hopefully, a positive thing, and wanted to share it.


I appreciate any and all information....thanks....


ThanksFor info.. I was told i was borderline diabetic after glucose tolerance test but always have low blood sugar in normal blood tests...always wonder why?


I am in the study for the drug I think you are talking about, pioglitazone. It is a drug that is already approved to treat diabetes. I've been taking the drug since February and what I notice is a reduction in the slowness of my body movements, I can smell things much better, and I have no side effects from the medication. Other than that, I struggle along with my same old symptoms but they do not appear to be getting any worse, which of course, is my main concern.. The only other medication I take is Azilect, which is all you can take to be in the study. I drive an hour and a half each way to the study site and get paid $20 which does not even cover the gas, but of course it is not about the money, it is about helping. Helping myself as well as others.


This is very interesting though perhaps not as many positive results as I was hoping for.

Am not sure if this is the same drug the paper was referring to, but it seems too much of a coincidence for there to be two similar drugs


It is known as Actos in the US and has been linked to bladder cancer. If you have any urinary issues, I'd discuss this closely with your Primary doctor before discussing with your neuro.


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