Foods that help the brain produce Dopamine

It is now nearly one year since my much loved cousin lost her long, brave fight with Parkinsons and most of what I have learned comes from being with her during this time.

She always said that eating broad beans helped the brain to increase dopamine levels. Luckily we both liked them. This started me wondering whether any other foods are said to contain such properties? I am anxious not to have to increase my meds until it is unavoidable, so will try almost any food if it will help.

I was wondering whether anyone knew of any other foods said to contain such properties? Anything is worth a try, within reason of course!

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  • I haven't heard about food but I have found a link about D.B.S. Therapy. It says it is a deep brain stimulation for PD.

    I found it at . It sounds like what my Dad read about years ago and he could not wait until it came out. He said he would be the first in line. He passed away before it could be used. Some of you may have heard of it but I haven't so I thought it worth checking out.


  • It is my understanding that it is the actual pods of the broad bean that contain the dopamine - you have to shell the beans, then cook the pods and then mix them in a juicing machine or equivalent. It is hard to know what dosage of dopamine is being produced. I hope this helps. Tony

  • I will try this. I have just planted some broad bean seeds so may be a while before they are ready. Have not seen any in the shops yet, it is probably a bit early.

    Thanks for answering . Sue :-)

  • She you will need to make sure that the beans have not been sprayed- they should ideally be organic. Good luck. Tonyxx

  • Yes. I had thought of this. Will maybe wait until my own beans are ready as long as the black fly don't get them first!

    I was just looking back at another question and someone said apples produce dopamine so will have to see if I can find anything out about this.

    Thanks. Sue :-)

  • There is going to be a medical doctor on the Parkinson Recovery Radio Show in April who is going to talk about foods to heal the brain. Her name is Dr.Terry Wahis. Here is a youtube video link.

    I hope this helps. Blessings.

  • Brilliant..its what i believe...a diet hard to get used to though with our cravings for the comfort eating carbohydrates...easter eggs right now!

  • Avocados. Lucille leader, a nutritionist has written several books on pd.

    Im on no meds but neuro says i can try mucuna pruriens...having trouble finding a recommended company to buy it from. He recommended trying amazon.

  • How do you cope not taking any meds? I wish I could. Presumably this was your own decision? Maybe I took meds before I really needed them. Never heard of mucana pruriens what does it do? Will add Avocados to the list. Thanks.

  • Court, in answer to your question:

    There is a natural form of L-Dopa found in the bean Mucuna Pruriens . As it is a form of L-Dopa it has has the same potential side effects (eg dyskynesia) as other L-Dopa medication. Because of this it is important that anyone considering this option do not self medicate but take it under medical monitoring.

  • So many people have found things that have suited them, that it would be impossible and silly to try them all at the same time, and without doing further digging. I would certainly not self medicate without discussing this with my Dr.

    Many thanks.

  • Court,

    Note that Avocados are protein rich foods and Lucille Leader advises that they can compete with L dopa. Timing may be important as with all protein foods

  • I knew that avocados are a protein rich food as I have Type 2 diabetes and this came up in discussion. Thank you.

  • My neurologist said that it's possible to wait too long to begin Parkinson's meds, as there appears to be a window of time in which the meds are most effective. Starting the meds later in the progression of the disease might have an negative impact. She didn't give a specific time frame, just that it's better not to wait too long to begin. Of course, some people may find they can manage their symptoms with mucuna pruriens and other natural supplements. I wasn't one of them.

  • Mucuna pruriens is an indian herb used for years for their treatment of parkinsons. Its sometimes used here in conjunction with meds. I thought id prefer trying the natural way first. The neuro will monitor me. . Ive apparently had pd for 3 years but have a fear of not trust pharmaceutical companies who make big money from them.

    Im trying kinesiology and just walk, gym, aquarobics, yoga when i can. Stretchinh is important.

  • If you need any help from India , please let me know. I am from India using Mucuna Pruriens ( In india , it is called as Kappikachu ) . I have been diagnosed with PD since 2010 and using Indian MP, since 2013 with good results.

  • hi

  • read that these foods contain dopamine, flat beans, pecans, pineapple, bananas,kiwi, plums, haas avocados and tomatoes. 2nd day of my new experiment. I make a blender smoothie with 1/2 cup beans and as many of those ingredients as I can in a green tea base. not on LD/CD yet. waiting to see of there is any benefit...

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