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Currently taking 22mg Requip XL once a day at 7:30am .I've already tried Sinemet but they made me feel worse.PD nurse suggested Madopar dissolvable , 1x 62.5mg a day before i get up as i have mobility problems first thing in the morning. Does anyone out there have any experience of this combination? I'm about to go to my GP to get them prescribed but thought i'd ask someone first (before PD i wouldn't even take aspirin for a headache!!)

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I am on Stelevo, Requip XL, and also take Madopar before bed. The combination seems to work for me (touch wood!)


I am on stalevo and requip xl and my problems are swollen stomache and red itchy legs

Do you take these medications for Parkinson's or MSA? It seems everyone's comments are about Parkinson's;'s not MSA. Isn't this MSA Trust?

i take 14 mg requip & 3 madopar tablets per day 1madopar 7am requip at8.30 am then all my pd symptons kick off for about 20 mins then settle down ive been on mirapex & sinamet before but they both made me feel ill the regime ive got now seems to work some days better than others but im still here still fighting to hell with it its my life it doesnt belong to parkinson

Swolden this a part of PD? I have lost a lot of weight and look like skin and bone other that a "swolden stomach" which sticks out that I have had to purchase new belts and clothing. Dennis

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