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Cal/mag for pain relief?


About 12 years ago I broke some ribs, ruptured lumbar discs and contracted sciatica. Sciatica prevented me from walking 2 blocks from my parking space to my office the pain was unbelievable. Local chiropractor prescribed 1500mg/1000mg cal/mag. Said pain would be gone in about one week. It worked! Recently I stopped the calcium. No sciatica, but other pains have popped up. I’m going back to cal/mag but will cut dose in half.

Any similar experiences? Comments?

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Important to also be taking vitamins D, K1 and K2, to make sure that calcium gets to where it is supposed to go - your bones, rather than precipitating out in your arteries. If the dental hygienist has to scrape calcium deposits off your teeth, particularly the backs of the lower front teeth, that is an indication calcium is being deposited in other undesirable places as well.

More detailed research and commentary posted by me in these places:

Vitamins and Minerals for Bone Health and Reduced Risk of Cancer

Vitamin K: Unsung and Essential

Details of the vitamins and minerals that improve bone strength, reduce fracture risk, prevent hardening of the arteries, improve cardiovascular outcomes, and reduce cancer risk.

What You Need to Know to Reduce Risk of Hip Fracture and Cardiovascular Disease

A review of the foregoing + calcium deposits on teeth as a sign of trouble.

Mogul1 in reply to park_bear

Thank you Park Bear. I do take vitamin D but not every day.

The night before last was really difficult. No sleep, poor mobility and pain in a number of places. Yesterday was very low key. Felt like my meds never kicked in. Thought about how Cal/Mag had basically worked as a pain killer. So I took a half of what I used to take (3 tabs instead of 6). I was so tired when I went to bed last night I knew I would sleep, and I did, very well. When I got up, no stiff back, no sore shoulder, no painful thumbs or knees. Great day. Too soon to draw conclusions, but I feel good.

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