DLA TO BECOME PIP (UK subjects only)

I have been looking at the blogs but cannot find one on the subject of DLA changing to PIP.

Essentially, everyone who currently receives DLA between the ages of 16 and 64 are to be re-assessed for Personal Independence Payment regardless of timescale award i.e. even if you are currently getting indefinate payments. If you are getting DLA but will be over 65 by 2013 then DLA will be left in place "for the time being". Make of that what you will.

The government expect to save a whopping £1.4bn after the assessments are completed in 2016. They are due to start next year.

Whichever PIP it is, either the breast implants or DLA expiry, one is already a disaster for many people and the other one has all the hallmarks of a further imploding disaster on people's lives. I strongly recommend that you seek professional advice either through your local PD Branch or CAB. Apparently the assessment will be face-to-face with "someone" although the decision to give or not give will be taken by a decision maker in Birmingham as happens now. Initially, please go to dwp.gov.uk/pip for further information. This is too important to ignore

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  • Just had my Work Capability Assessment for ESA and was told this by the Doc I saw. I think it went well - the doc actually apologised for having to see me and said they really wouldn't have bothered if they had the choice as simply checking my GPs report would have been sufficient for them . Surely this approach would save our government the money they're looking for and they could concentrate on the real fraudsters - not people like us who have a genuine medical condition.

  • I couldn't agree more. Instead of the government sorting out the fraudsters they would, it appears, rather take money/benefits for those that really need it as it an easier option when in fact they afre deludingthe public. I wish you well and hope you get the result you deserve.

  • Drew,

    Do you think that is why my claim is beeing tossed around ?

    Phoned them today to be told that a lettr has been sent to a shrink for clarification on my dissability, dont know why they have not contacted my PD nurse?


  • Could well be Al. I think the word is out about the cut-backs. They should have contacted who you wanted them to and if interviewed you had a choice of people to go in with. I believe that the people they are supposed to contact are those people that deal with yout condition. Consultant, GP, PD Nurse, whoever. See what the letter says. Plenty of info on the net as well of course but i think I'm right. I am one of the "lucky" ones for now. I'm 66 next month so for now my DLA will continue but for how long?

    They want to save £14bn. How are they going to achieve this without coming down hard on disabled people and hopefully catching a few cheats which they have not been able to do up until now.

    Thin end of a very big wedge!

  • Cheers drew,

    Did you get my mobile number?


  • No mate. Checked my messages. Do have my email address? Left it one of my many messages the other day. Anyway it is drew.saunders@sky.com

  • sent it via my email address

  • Thanks Al, got it and replied

  • The change from DLA to PIP will cause some people tremendous difficulties, I have joined a group which can and does provide invaluable help for anybody claiming benefits of all types. You can access some areas of the site without joining here is the link:


    i hope this might help some of you!!


  • Thanks Gypsy, People are going to need all the professional help they can get. It is obvious to me that the government are going to make it more difficult to be awarded PIP because of the saving they are determined to make quoted as £1.4bn

  • This is the most informative site so far.

  • Sounds like what is going on here in U.S. too. I have friends who are a blind couple. The wife told me a 'funny' story of how she had to requalify for disability and the 'qualifier' didn't believe she was blind -- tried to trick her. MEANwhile our politicians are threatening to cut 'entitlements" that we have all paid for. ANd so it goes. GOod luck, UK friends. I'd like to think we're all in this together.

  • PatV, the language is identical, 'entitlement' has become a very overused word. I believe this is also happening in some parts of Europe. A redefinition of disability......... I think, for what it is worth, that we are all in this together.....

  • This legislation is going to cause a lot of problems so it is best to get as well informed as you can. There are articles on the Guardian website with posts that have links to the actual PIP assessment criteria etc. in their Comment is Free section, if you need more information on is happening, much of it has not been widely reported. There are a number of facebook pages of disability groups - they tend to post on latest developments. I will try and make a list of some of these and post them. It is hoped that there may still be some amendments to the detail of the legislation so the picture is unclear.

    They are hoping to cut 500,000 claimants from the DLA figures and the remainder will be moved onto PIP, with the exception of children who will retain DLA. At this point in time the plan is to reassess everyone on DLA.

    There are changes to two main benefits that will affect people with PD, Employment Support Allowance(ESA) and DLA. Both of these are 'gateway' benefits that access other services or top ups to income, in and out of work, such as housing benefit allowances, disability adaptations, motability etc., help for people in late stage PD. Some of these are vital for people with mobility problems, and also their families.

    They are already calling people in for reassessment for ESA and the DLA assessments are reported to be starting in 2013. People with fluctuating conditions like PD, MS etc. are especially at risk of losing benefits as to get anywhere we need to be medicated, and the criteria for passing are more rigorous than before, and the assessment process less personal. Take all advice you can and do not go for assessment unprepared. Remember too that you will, if you fail the assessment, be able to appeal the decision, which may take time, which will be a nuisance, so if you need to, remember to take advice for that process too.

    Best wishes and good luck to any going through the ESA assessments right now.

  • My daughter had 2 brain aneurisms and meningitis last year, she is 38 years of age and she has worked since leaving college at 19, she has never claimed any benefits before. Her neurologist has sent a letter to the ESA department clearly stated the damage that she has sustained and that in his opinion she will not be able to work for many years if at all.

    Ive just taken a call from her husband who has recently completed a 55 page document for her to claim ESA. He has been told by that department that my daughter must attend a medical assessment, at the job center and they make the decision whether she's fit to work, not the doctor. They also said 'she will probably be put into the capable to work group because the only people who are deemed unfit to work are those that have a terminal diagnosis. and that the have less than 6 months to live!!! On this basis if somebody has over 6 months to live ie 9,12 months ect they are put into the work group.

    The whole situation is barking, this Government will be bringing in gas chambers to rid the country of all of us if we aren't careful

    Take care all


  • This is absolutely disgraceful. This is a sorry mess and your daughter deserves so much more in the way of compassion but that is obviously not forthcoming. It's sinister not barking. God help us all.

  • I did read about this on some website and was quite amused to see that one thing which will help the assessors to decide on what your entitlement will be. I am sad to say my sadistic sense of humour very near took me to hysterical laughter.

    Can you stick a meal into a microwave? If you can then it equals no benefits.

    Even a severe hemiplegic (or worse) may be capable of sticking a meal into a microwave. but what does that mean?

    if you can microwave a meal you do not require any help?

    I presumed to myself the people who were making the rules live in a place where there is no illness, no disabilities, and are cocooned in Utopian values.

    In other words they are Crackers!

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