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There has been a lot of excitement on this forum in the last few days about the work of Dr. Laurie K Mischley, ND, MPH, PhD. Her work, according to one site, attempts "to describe the nutritional status and requirements unique to individuals with neurodegenerative diseases". That's very exciting to me, as I know it is to many others on this forum. However, due diligence is always in order when someone tells us that they can have a significant, positive effect on PD symptoms. So, to that end, can anyone reading this forum say that their symptoms significantly improved under Dr. Mischley's guidance - either through the private video sessions with her or through reading her book? Or, do you personally know of anyone who has been significantly helped through her guidance? Or, for those of you who have read Dr Mischley's book (and I plan on reading it soon), does she mention in the book significant improvements made by PwP who have followed her advice? (If there's no affirmative answer to this post, that will not necessarily mean anything. However, affirmative answers certainly would help.) Thanks.

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I was her patient for two years in 2011-2013. She is absolutely amazing: energetic, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and committed. However, I did not stave off progression by following her advice, but I think the protocol she recommends now is different. I stopped seeing her because it is a two hour trip from my home to her office. If she was closer I would still be her patient. I know a man who has been under her care for at least 10 years. His symptoms have definitely gotten worse over time.

I have heard her speak at a webinar earlier this year. She does advocate the use of Sinemet, which surprised me.

I do believe Dr. Mischley is not trying to cure PD, she is trying to discover how to slow it down/reduce or eliminate symptoms with the use of food, supplements, fasting, exercise, sleep and stress relief (with or without medication/DBS). I think her suggestions are best practice at this point. All research points to exercise, getting enough sleep, eating healthy and stress relief for health. She is open to anything that helps reduce your symptoms. I love the fact that she doesn't pretend to know it all.....she is a researcher, seeking out answers to questions. She also thinks every person with PD is different, cause/symptoms/reactions to interventions, etc. I also think that most people don't follow the advice 100% of the time, leaving room for error or lack of progress. I plan to have her as a support once/twice a year to make sure I am meeting the needs of my individual body. I don't rely on her as a cure/know-it-all. I take B1....and NAC. I am open to all research myself. I think we should look for what our own cause is, what our own symptoms are, what our own body needs and use this forum as simply info we can take or leave. Participate in as many research studies as possible to support research for a cure in the meantime......put our money where our mouth is.

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Did you ask Mischley what she thought about the use of B1?

Another person responded to this question already....if it helps, use it.

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