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Stiff Persons Syndrome

I have Parkinsons and was diagnosed 12 years ago. I have posted on this site several times in the past. I have been not following the chats for awhile because my health issues have been quickly evolving. I was recently tested for autoimmune problems (I also have vitiligo, an autoimmune condition of the skin) and they found that I have Anti-Glycine Receptor Antibodies in my blood. This directly correlates to me now, more than likely, having an additional diagnosis of Stiff Persons Syndrome. (SPS); it has very similar symptoms to that of Parkinsons (muscle stiffness, pain, anxiety, etc.). The doctors are still looking at a few things including doing nerve testing (EMG) and checking my spinal fluid (CSF) for anti-GAD65 antibodies. The best place to research this SPS is in the following place:

The question now is: do I have both diseases? Does anyone have experience with this disease?

I hope someone out there can provide me with some guidance.

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I am wondering if you would benefit from CBD oil amazing results are being obtained from this oil


Talk to your doctor about using Tacrolimus for SPS. There is one study suggesting it can be effective for some.


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All i can add is that i had DBS 5 months with great result exept for a new symptom: stiffness and leg cramps.


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