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I just wanted to draw to the attention of new people here that there is a very powerful search engine here at Healh-Unlocked. Top right hand corner on the hub page. Just type in a key word and you will probably find many previous posts , each with many replies discussing that very subject. Divorce, Coconut oil , Stress , Sex , Fast Walking, Behavioral problems, Poems , D.B.S Deep Brain Surgery (Stimulation) its all there.

If you are really looking for information it is probably already there, check it out , then make your own post and say Hi and ask about any update information or questions.

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Excellent post. I only wish this site had a "sticky" so information like this would stay at the top. It would also be nice if posts would automatically move to the top whenever someone replied. It's a shame that important and popular topics get buried under pages and pages of posts on the same topics over and over.

GymBag in reply to sunvox

Hi Sunvox

Posts do move to the top when some one answers, depends on how your view is set up.

click "Posts"

Go to "Arrange by"

pick "recently active"

Stickeys usually end up only being administration announcements anyway. Here they call them "Pinned Posts" and they are on right side of Posts page

You can also pull up posts by topic and similar posts, also on the right of the posts page

If you want to read more posts of a certain contributor, click on their name, go to their home page and all their posts are listed and all their replys also (unless they changed their name)

If you want to contact somebody one to one, click on their name and go to chat. like internal email.

sunvox in reply to GymBag

Super! Thanks. That's more great info!

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