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urinary infestations or neurogenic bladder


My Parkinson's husband felt very bad in the last month Three days ago he got stuck with urine evacuation, made the analyzes, and renal and inflammatory evidence went out of the parameters and the doctor diagnosed him with urinary infection; He was given a Foley urine probe and started treatment with a powerful antibiotic for 7 days. Today on the 3rd day the urine probe was removed and stayed on its own, but it did not urinate for about 6 hours although it consumed enough fluids. This worries us and would we like to know if someone had a similar experience? Is it all due to Parkinson? What did you do for that?

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If I understand correctly, your husband has felt very ill and it was found that he has an infection in his urinary system He has taken some prescribed strong antibiotics and he had urine catheter put in . When the catheter was removed, his urine system was plugged and it took 6 hours before anything came out.

Urine infections have little to do with Parkinsons , however I have had many . I do not know why they installed a catheter in the first place unless he was plugged and could not pee. I wore a catheter for a year through a series of prostrate operations and infections . When men get older their prostrate which is like the shape of a doughnut gets larger and the hole in the center that the urine tube goes through shrinks and sqweezes the urinary tube and shuts it off . Also hard little stones can form in the kidneys and also plug the system. A plastic catheter tube is inserted that drains the urine into a bag, but when they are used infection is very common and it must be treated . Surgery can enlarge the opening in the prostrate, it is a long time healing, but it worked for me.

When he has a catheter he must be very careful when he wears the bag that it is down low enough that it can not drain backwards out of the bag so it must always be lower than the tube out of him. Be sure to clean the bags before reusing with vinegar and water and keep himself clean. If he gets an infection, (fever flushed etc ) go to emergency at hospital , and know that bacterial infections some times take along time to fight . Have the doctor or nurse show you how to do an irrigation using sterile water so that you can unplug a catheter. If you can not unplug a catheter again go to Emerge at hospital. If he is not wearing a catheter and becomes plugged himself after 6 or 8 hrs then go to emerge at hospital and they will insert a catheter.

if you do not understand , please say so.

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