Indoor Group Cycling for PD

"Cycling on stationary bikes may provide symptomatic relief for people with Parkinson’s disease, especially if they cycle using what’s described as Forced Exercise, i.e. pedaling at a rate faster than their voluntary cadence. " Parkinson's Cycling Coach website says.

I personally do this 3 times a week with a group of people with No PD and that really helped me a lot.

Please share your ideas, experience about indoor group cycling for PD.

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  • Such kind of exercises will help keep you relatively better with respect to maintaining a good gait etc. However PD is very relentless disease and keeps travelling on its course. Until some good and robust therapy is found, it will continue to rob people of their energy and well-being.

    Stem cells gives some hope but the research work in this area is too slow. All the discredit for this goes to ex president Bush, who had put a ban on the research related to embryonic cells.

    There are some unapproved clinics who offer stem cell therapies for they have very little success with PD. There is a chain of clinics named "Swiss Medica" who have success with it, but the improvements fade away after 3 to 6 months of therapy and the cost involved touched sky!!

    Poor Fox foundation has been able to raise and consume only 600 Million dollars so far since its establishment in 2000, which are a mere peanuts as compared to the costs of even small energy projects

    Lets pray to GOD to send some miraculous cure from His own hospital

  • Regarding your prayer, something like that is available, but it requires major commitment and there are no guarantees. Be that as it may, I am taking one third the levodopa that I was taking a year ago, and experiencing slow but steady improvement.

  • Getting outside your comfort zone is absolutely needed

    About to start working out on a stationary exercise bike at home while getting out on my brompton when not raining! Some form of training group via the web would be of interest as keeping motivated on my own will be a challenge! I did look at Psycle London but that is too advanced a fitness level at the moment!

  • I think the link is broken.

  • just checked - it is ok for me

  • Kevin, do we have 3 things in common? PD, AF and a Brompton?



  • Yup! Can't be too many of us unless there's a correlation! I am slowly recovering from a cardiac ablation - so far so good. Happy to share the experience if you're interested.

  • How fast do you have to cycle

  • Faster than you are comfortable with - but you need to do any kind of exercise safely so I am taking it slowly and you should always take some professional advice at the beginning.

  • This is link to NY Tmes article about study of benefits of exercise on PD progression. Says that only high intensity exercise (80-85% of max heart rate) seems to work. I have trouble making myself move fast enough to do that for more than a couple of minutes at a time. Thinking of getting a Theracycle. Anyone have any experience with that?

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