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Cycling for PD?

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I had a checkup today and the doc reminded me that he mentioned cycling at the last exam. I used the laptop and found Dr Finney's post. While on a tandem bike with a woman with PD Dr Finney noticed her symptoms such as handwriting and balance were markedly improved. He says cycling at 90 revs per minute might improve PD. Any stronger evidence suggesting this is so? I mounted my fat-tire bike to a trainer. The problem is fat tires make a helluva racket. So a switched to street tires but haven't tried it yet.



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You are an inspiration kpo.

Inspiring 👍🏽

I try and do 100 miles a week weather permitting if I don't get out on the road I do my turbo ! For 45 minutes it makes such a difference the before and after is incredible but you have to bang it out get a good sweat going

I have a small "exer-cycle" that I use while on my computer. It is electric and moves at almost 90 turns a minute (86 or so) I find it has helped symptoms of small writing significantly - probably balance and gait also.

I bought a spin bike two years ago just for this purpose, as well as a cadence sensor so I would be sure that I was pedaling in the 80-95 rpm zone. I spin a few days a week, and I always feel good afterwards. My PD symptoms are quite manageable at this point, so my priority in cycling is to keep my symptoms at bay. I really enjoy it, but listening to music or watching something on TV while spinning is a must, or that 45 minutes will seem like a really long time!

How does an Eliptical compare to the Theracycle in regards to management of symptoms.

Also puts you in a happy place

Here's more information about Dr. Jay Alberts and Pedaling for Parkinson's.

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