Dr. Oz on Alzheimer's

Today's show featured doctor Bredesen he is the one that wrote the book End of Alzheimer's. If you would like to watch this you can see it on your computer or cell phone as a replay.

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  • Wow, great minds think alike! I just watched it & was going to post something about it. I'm thinking if it helps Alzheimer's, it would probably help PD, at least the cognitive part of PD.

  • You never know, it was an interesting show Mary

  • I got Dr. Breseden's book at the library...I can understand cutting out bad carbs and processed foods, but I would have a really hard time cutting out foods like beans and tomatoes!

  • I haven't read it yet, but I can't imagine giving up ice cream and I doubt it's allowed. B

  • I can never seem to get the Oz full episodes on my computer, only the "preview." I would really like to see Dr. Bredesen's advice...

  • You are right, they had some other things on YouTube but not the episodes. Sorry about it he had couple younger women talking about getting rid of Alzheimer's, they both emphasized the four-month mark and after that how fast they started getting better.

  • Dr Bredesen has at least two published papers free online.

  • I got his book at the library...would like to try it to see if the diet makes a difference in my memory or movement, but would be very difficult to sacrifice good foods like beans and tomatoes to find out. I would be interested to know if anyone else has tried Dr. Bredesen's protocol, and if it made a difference.

  • Here is the link: doctoroz.com/episode/contro...

    Every 3 - 4 minutes the video stops for 10-20 seconds and then starts up again, so just wait awhile and it should start again. It's well worth listening to it.

  • Thank you Mary

  • My husband has PD and is on 5 times a day c/l - 7AM;11AM;3PM;7PM;before bed. He was on 3 times a day and it did NOTHING!! When his neurologist changed it to 5 times a day it was like a miracle!! A light switch went on in his head and he's suddenly VERY active and can't keep still at all. Very busy doing what he used to do. His balance has improved so much and hardly any falls at all. On another note, I watched online "Awakening from Alzheimers" it was a 14 hour program (1 hr a day online for 24 hrs) and Dr. Bresenden was one of the participants. The program overall was awesome!! The takeaway I felt was to get off bad carbs, added sugar and everything else we know is bad. They recommended many supplements AND coconut oil was mentioned a lot. We are now following this diet and some of the supplements too. Slowly we are trying some of the suggestions on the program. Time and again they told about people getting better from Alzheimers and other cognitive ailments like Parkinson's dementia. I never knew that PD patients could get dementia but I see it so much in my husband. I hope to reverse that with the changes we are doing. Good luck all.

  • Thank you for posting. Mary

  • Oh I forgot the most important thing about the 14 day program - EAT FULL FAT!! Stop eating low fat, fat free etc. We have been drilled to eat "healthy" by eating low fat, etc. I was on Weight Watchers for over 20 years and did well on it but constantly watching my "points" not anymore - all I do is eat full fat and watch portions and I'm good at my weight and hardly ever go on the scale!! This is HUGE for me!! I have always heard that the diabetic diet was the best one to follow and we are now doing the "Always Hungry" diet. This follows the low glycemic index, getting rid of high carbs and added sugar. Any natural sugar is fine in coffee, baking etc. - honey, maple sugar. My husband is doing fine, it's a huge thing to get off of all the breads that we both love but we're doing it and he's doing well too. He's been doing this diet for awhile and has lost a bit of weight. Enough that he now knows that this is the way to eat even though he LOVES all carbs. We are enjoying what we love only in a different way. His movements are faster and it happens FAST. When he first started the 5 times a day c/l - he was walking faster than me in the home improvement stores!! This is HUGE!!! I'm talking the first day he went on the 5 times a day!!! Good luck all.

  • Two studies by Bradesen et al.

    Reversal of cognitive decline: A novel therapeutic program.


    Reversal of cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease.


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