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I’m just wondering.. is it possible for us to have a group for us with Insomnia to be able to chat?

I know for me it would make the long hrs bearable.

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  • It is 4:50 a.m. and I've been awake for awhile. This is becoming my usual routine. Go to sleep around 10 or 11 and then wake up sometime between 3 and 4 usually. I like it. It is so quiet and I answer emails and look at articles or whatever on my phone. But I also take half a Xanax, which would be .25 mg, because I know I have to get back to sleep or I will feel awful the next day. Thinking about your suggestion, one of the biggest problems with an insomnia chat group is that we are all in different time zones.

  • Yep, it is quiet, must be careful not to eat too much while awake and go back to bed before sunrise. It is 4:18 am the next day, live chat is difficult but just leave a comment and it will get a response tomorrow from somebody.

  • Good point, GymBag. I forgot about that eating thing. Yes, I do that too. Not the best thing for our health, I'm sure.

  • I too am awake at 2.30 till 5 - take requires and simminet +

    Why can't I sleep?

  • Mine is a side effect of my meds.. so the Neurologist has now started me on a night pill, and finally, Im not up as long each time when I wake up. But it’s another pill that I have to take.

  • I am finding that M.M. is the best ( FOR ME ) for sleep. Better than Zolpedem, tequila, all over the counter sleep medicine.

  • What is M.M

  • Medical marijuana. Thank you spell check.

  • Where are you located.. I’m going to talk to my dr next visit

  • AZ USA

  • I wish I could get it. My state (ND) passed a law for it but they are taking forever with all the regulations for it. I’m sure they are trying to figure out how to make money from it.

  • I was prescribed sleep med, and tried two kinds that didn't work well, but the 3rd one, Tamazepam, is GREAT for me. Cut back- to @3 times a week, sometimes more often, but discovered sleep over 3 years ago. IT'S SOOOOOO GREAT!!!

  • Isn’t it wonderful to sleep and feel rested when you wake up?

  • What format you have in mind? video, voice, or text?

  • I think it s good idea. I live in the Netherlands and when you are supposed to sleep, i am awake too and we could chat. There are a lot of different time zones but that might be an advantage in this case!

    I have the opposite problem, i could sleep all day! Now i am exagerating, but i often feel very sleepy.

  • I do take a 45-1 hr. nap in the afternoon, but I just can’t stay awake. My husband wakes me and then by7:30pm.. I’m totally done again. The nite meds are starting to work, thank heavens, so usually I’m awake now.. 11-3 am.

    How can we start a chat

  • We are in Tennessee .. Central Time

  • I really dont know! I just know some chat rooms when you are playing a game, so you can talk to your opponent. There is certainly somebody out there who knows how to start a chatroom for parkinson. Here is is almost a quarter to six pm (17.45) now! What time is it in Tennessee?!

  • It is 10:50 am here.. wow! Quite a difference. Lol

  • I wonder if someone could figure out the time changes to make a group for insomnia.. I’m definitely not computer smart

  • Hi have you try. Calum pills. I also take. I theanine. Vitamins. One at night it relax my body it’s great. My treamors stop too for a while. Ck it out if you like

    Where do you live? Try the apt. Web Doctor. It’s good there too. Dot

  • I’m on a prescription nightly pill, and it does work for most of the time.. it’s just that 11-2. But I also go to bed extremely early..

  • Will look it up

  • Look what up

  • The app doctor that you recommended

  • Oh. Ok. Where you live?

  • Tennessee

  • Ok. San Francisco ca here

  • Nice to meet you

  • How long were you diagnosed

  • June

  • I was in May... I didn’t take it well

  • Me either. I talk to therapist. It’s helps. My. Mom. 103. Heathy.

  • Did you have any idea before seeing the Neurologist ?

  • No.

  • So you are "newbies" ?! I have Parkinsons for 21 years now , and still i am not old, 53 years....

  • Oh, I’m so sorry, Hollandaise. Such a young age. I have to admit I didn’t take it very well at all.

  • How old are you, if i may ask? And whats your worst symptom?

  • I’m 66and my right hand tremors a lot of the time, but not always..I shuffle my feet again when I’m extremely tired, upset, seems like most emotions. My speech is ok, but quite often I know in my head what I want to say, but it can’t come out or it’s jibberish

  • Now i am sorry for you, sorry for everybody who has to deal with this disease. Me too i was extremely tired, and this is a bit better since i have had dbs. But still... I am going to my bed now, it s 23.15 here and i am tired of doing nothing!

  • Sleep well and chat tomorrow

  • Don’t feel bad for me.. it is what it is.. just like you and everyone on here.

  • Hi there, my english is not fabulous, so I don't know if i understood well what you told me: you are awake from 11.00 pm - 3.00 am, in that case I should write to you in the early morning, for example when I chat at 9.00 am here, it must be 2.00 am in Tennessee ? Or do you mean that you are awake from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm (that would surprise me, but you never know!) and if that's it, I should write to you in the evening, at 6.00 pm. Lol I can't guarantee you but we can try! But where?

    Maybe it already exists and if not:


  • With the new night med, I’m awake from 11pm-1:00am. Times vary. Not sure how to do it either..can someone help us?

  • How many of you have iPhones? The iPhone has a clock app where you can add cities in other states and countries, and it will tell you what the time is there. If you want to chat in the middle of the night, you could become Facebook friends, and do it that way, there is a chat feature on Facebook. LinkedIn has the same thing, but there is a limit.

  • I do have an iPhone.. maybe we can set something up

  • Unfortunately I sleep through the night now , 1 am to 6 am oooo nice.

  • That is awsome!👍

  • What med are you on

  • A bunch but I use a CBD/THC mixture.

  • I do have a Iphone and I know about the clock, but i dont have a facebook account..., we could make a whatsapp group?

  • I have found what’s app very nice for chatting

    From Florida

  • Hi, Hollandaise

  • Hi 12Maxwell3 you are awake ? It is about 5 am in the morning if i am right and your message is an hour ago so that means that you were awake at 4 am?? Unfortenately i didnt open my computer so i missed it!

  • Yes, I was awake from 1am4:30am...then went back to bed until 7:30 am and slept. Sorry I missed you.

  • Yes i am sorry too, but it shows that this is not the right place. You need a place where you can see who is on-line, and then you can chat in a group, or private. A long time ago i often played a game on the internet called "" and there you can see what i mean. There are different "rooms" where you can talk with the people who are in the same room and if you dont like it, you go to another room. Or you invite somebody for a 1 tot 1 chat, which the others cant read. That would be the best option I think, but I can't make such a website. Maybe we should all play Isketch???... but that s almost robbery! So I dont know.

  • What about messenger

  • I dont know, I know it exists but never used it

  • I just found this site.. healthful chat by Michael J Fox. Would you check it out

  • I will....tomorrow! Now I am going to sleep, its 23.15 pm now!

  • Have a good sleep! Talk tomorrow

  • You' ve found it! It already exists! You are awesome Maxwell! If you read this give me a sign here and i will try to meet you there.

  • I’m not sure how I did it or where to go. What a dork, right?

  • It looks like there is chatroom 1 and chatroom 2. We need to come up with user names and it doesn’t look like it would be just us.. not sure.

  • What time is it with you.. it’s 10:20 central time here

  • Would you be able to sign up for Messenger from Facebook and text instead of chat

  • Yes I have seen it too, there are two rooms and the second is for parkinsons, but there was nobody. I used the same name as here, and that was ok. You can chat also in private. But I dont have messenger or facebook. I am gonna figure out if i can t give you my email adress in a private message on this site, so we can email. Ok?!

  • Perfect

  • Do you want me to friend you on Messenger if you sign up for FB

  • I sent you a private message with my emailadress!

  • Ok

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