Can't fight gravity :-(

I had a scary fall. Scary because it was apropos of nothing. I was standing at the foot of my bed getting ready to put a clean sheet on the mattress when I felt like an earthquake hit. I couldn't right myself! I hit the floor and bonked my head on a cement pillar. No harm done except for seeing little birdies flying around and around my head for a few minutes, but now I'm nervous about going out. I don't want to fall on the sidewalk, especially with people around. That is all.

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  • Ouch. That must have hurt. Can anyone explain what causes a fall. It is something that worries me. -a lot

  • I'm so sorry Beckey. That had to be scary. When do you see your Neurologist next? If it's not soon, you may want to try & get an earlier appt. Take care!

  • Not til Jan. 11!

  • That is why I do not drive but seldom

  • Sorry to hear this Beckey! I would also feel afraid to venture out after a fall. Better go see your neurologist sooner. If you mention a fall, they make exceptions (at least in B.C. they do). Hope you can get something to prevent more falls.

  • Hi Beckey, Are you using a walker when you venture out? If not, it would give you something to hold on to if you start to feel like you are going to fall. Some of the walkers even have a seat attached where you could sit down while holding on to the handle bars.

  • Yes, but when I had a 'collapse', I draped myself over the walker. There wasn't time to turn around to get to the seat.

  • A friend just loaned me a walker, an old style one. It's been a godsend the past few tumultuous days just getting from the bedroom to the bathroom, ha. I must like those new walkers with the gold-colored trim and the red seat!

  • Sorry to hear Beckey. I gather this doesnt happen to you much. Could be a fluke, maybe low bp or low sugar. If it happened more frequently then id be more concerned. Everything's ok now?

  • Yes, things are OK now. Thanks.

  • Did you feel dizzy or more like pass out or loss of muscle control or did you trip. Try to remember what happen so you can tell your DR. To me they each have a different cause ie tripping is just a accident could happen to anyone. Dizzy maybe blood pressure. Pass out could be just tired or lack of sleep. Loss of muscle control sounds like pd. I may be wrong on the causes but your doctor would know or have a good opinion about it. Don't let a fall slow you down it happens to everyone some time in their life. I would rather fall with people around there would be more hands to help me up.

    I had problems driving but worked through them and just finished driving 11 hours straight (750 miles 1200 km) so my wife could attend the funeral of her great aunt.

  • Wow, Bailey. Eleven miles!

    It felt like giant hands were knocking me over. I didn't trip over anything (including my own feet) or slip. I definitely didn't lose consciousness. I was terrified because I couldn't right myself. I had a second fall tonight and broke a glass of water on the way down. But I did slip on a throw rug, and that's what started the whole thing. I'm going to have to go through my apartment and "PD-proof" the place!

    Thanks for your encouraging message. It meant a lot.

  • take care

  • Hope that your neuro can adjust your medications so that falls no longer occur, Becky, I’m sorry that this happened! If you live alone, would you consider investing in a Life Alert so that in case you couldn’t get up or were injured you could call for help? The paramedics could get in if they had the code to a lock box on the doorknob or from the front desk if you are in an apartment building. Do you have grab bars in the shower?

  • No, I don't have a grab bar, what a good idea. And I plan to look into a Life Alert. Thanks!

  • Hi, My bed is only 40 cm of the floor, no bed, just a medium firm mattress and an 8 cm very soft foam mattress on top. I like to sleep in a bed as apposed to on it. ( yes, I have one, it's down in the shep.

    Can't fall further than the floor, and if I feel wonky I can get to the floor very quickly if needed, while I still have control.

    I have always been very supple and fit and I'm trying to maintain that now.

    Here in Adelaide it's early spring, and we've just had couple very warm days after all the cold, and i still have my polar fleece sheets on the bed. Changing sheets never used to be a big deal :(

    cheers Marg.

  • I meant, shed )

  • That's what I feel sometimes, like someone is shoving me over. I take Xanax and the Ashton Manual online, which is hope for those trying to get off the drug, says this can happen. The Saturday night of Fourth of July weekend I was walking across my bedroom floor when "Wham!" it was as if someone had pushed me over. Legs just didn't want to move, the rest of my body did. I fell right on my face! My husband jumped out of bed and my daughter came running and stood over me cussing, like that was going to help. They were talking about taking me to the emergency room (the Saturday night of Fourth of July weekend?!?) when I started to see blood coming from where my brow bone had gone through just over my eyebrow. Drama! Long story short, we called my next door neighbor a nurse, who said I probably didn't need to see anyone, and my daughter got some butterfly bandages and did me up. A friend of mine who is a dentist came over the next morning and said I was okay. Now I have an impressive scar on my flawless face (yeah, right!) but I haven't fallen like that again because I'm always holding my four-wheel walker. I do fall, but I have learned to "roll with it" like you see in the movies. The idea is to keep the body moving to absorb the shock. I don't know how, but I learned to do it. Mainly in the garden where the earth is soft. Keep those muscles strong so you can do a "downward dog" and get up again. I fell last November and was on the floor for 2 and half hours! And take your time! No need to turn and lean at once. (Although I'l probably do that within the next couple of hours... Boom!)

  • P.S. I have, just two days ago, learned I have Multiple System Atrophy, so, there's that...

  • Bummer. Is that comparable to scleroderma? My sister has that but she's had pretty good luck with the meds.

  • Sorry to hear about that MSA diagnosis, Clara-Bo-Bara! You will need to take extra care, whenever you attempt to move around. Because of my balance problems and “freezing” episodes I’ve had a few falls, too. Without an aid, like in the bedroom and bathroom, I have bars and furniture that I can hang onto at all times. I have PD and Cerebellar Ataxia, plus post polio syndrome ( I had non-paralytic polio as a kid), so there are times when it’s a big challenge for me to stay upright and not fall. Wishing you the best!

  • Wow you should really get that bump checked out, eleven miles is a big deal but......

    P.S. gravity has been disproved- it has been determined that the Earth sucks. just kidding.....

  • Passing out could be low bp. Also dehydration. The there is the loss of balance. I just had an MRI to try to see,why i have so many falls.

  • I'm sorry to hear that. I hope the MRI supplies some good answers.

  • Are you drinking enough fluids.?

  • I'm so sorry.

  • I hope you find some help from your neurologist on this. It sounds scary. I'm glad you're OK.

  • Beckey, please look after yourself. Consider a walking stick, and add stick fighting to your talents as it would complement your boxing. You could get a strong bamboo stick or a folding metal one. Making your place PD proof as you said, would help too. Beware of rugs that slip etc.

  • Thanks, my friend.

  • Sorry to read about your fall.

    A hiking pole might be useful to keep you steady outdoors. They are taller than a walking stick (better for posture). I have a lightweight folding one.

  • I have had things come and go with PD. I can't think of anything right now because my memory is in the going stage these days. I hope the falling... goes! That is scary. When I had my bad fall I knew why and that helped. Sympathies and empathise to you.

  • Thank you.

  • This is from a web site, which is full of very specific information. I agree with those who suggest you see your doc sooner rather than later:

    Do people die of Parkinson's Disease?

    No. Not of Parkinson's Disease itself. Patients die as a consequence of the balance impairment associated with Parkinson's Disease. They fall. In addition, patients may develop infections (usually infections of the urinary and respiratory systems). Patients with dementia have a worst prognosis than patients who are cognitively intact.

  • I couldn't get the link to lead to anything.

  • t works for me. Copy and paste into your browser.

  • Thanks!

  • Postural instability has been with me since my dx in 2011. I was

    finding it difficult to stand still and have a conversation with

    someone standing near me. I also found it difficult to have a

    conversation with someone walking beside me. When I shop in my small

    town's grocery, the cart serves as an aid for walking. I seem to

    need more attentional focus on maintaining balance.

    Balance nuances. See the first two paragraphs of Discussion in:

    See also image in:

    And more on gait and balance:

    Tai Chi may be helpful.

  • Thanks for the "horn of plenty." Good stuff!

  • Slow Down and

    Concentrate: Time for a Paradigm Shift in Fall Prevention among

    People with Parkinson's Disease?


    Direction can Predict the Mechanism of Recurrent Falls in Advanced

    Parkinson's Disease.

  • Check out Pamela Quinn's blog. Pam is one of the key players in the dance for PD program. She has lots of great ideas for not falling and what to do if you do fall. And don't worry about what other people are thinking about. take care of yourself.

  • I sure will. Thanks.

  • I think I know what you mean - one of my first signs (before dx) was, I now know, when I squatted down to pick up some kids toys off the floor and felt myself inexplicably toppling sideways until I landed on the floor. Nothing whatsoever I could do about it despite regular yoga and being pretty strong. A doctor has since said he thought it's to do with muscle weakness but I know when it happens it's in my brain, not my body, I can feel it. It has happened since, always to the right - my PD currently affects my left side. I haven't fallen but have had things to grab. It's the weirdest feeling. Very different from dizziness/faint feeling.

    Having said that - making sure I don't let my blood sugar get low helps avoid it I think.

  • Like Aspergerian said.

    If I go for walk I use a wheeled walker, just to ensure that I keep my balance and I have a place to sit down . Suggest that you get one now, you can find them in garage sales but its like buying a car, the new ones look really nice. Failure to use can result in a fall and a broken hip, which at your age may not ever heal and that means a wheel chair for you and a lot of changes you are not going to like.

    Have your home inspected and install handrails and grab bars everywhere necessary, doorways, steps, bath, bedroom. Get rid of mats and stuff on the floor including any cats.

    DENIAL: Beckey, no one wants to be seen pushing a walker. You maybe do not know anyone with a broken hip. One fall , just land the wrong way once and everything comes to a world changing halt, and pain and dependence on others becomes the new norm.

    look for

    Aluminum, light weight, fold-able so you can use in a narrow space and put into car trunk. Big wheels for rough terrain and snow , a built in seat, brakes and a brake lock. Baskets are nice but not if they interfear with folding. Global positioning system , Audio and communication system and sports package not required.

    About $150 to $250 new ............ $50 used

  • That's pretty sobering.

  • sorry

    sometimes the future is clearly laid out to see and I react .

    I know a person who broke her hip 10 years ago

    sorry if I disturbed

    I did not know you drank maybe thats the key hahahahahah

  • Becky, people who have PD often experience sudden drop in blood pressure, especially when bending down, which you were doing, and suddenly standing up. Drink drink before making sudden change in position.

  • That's great advice!

  • Look up orthostatic hypotension and PD. Loss of blood pressure upon change in position from seated to standing. Or in your case bending down to upright.

  • Wow! Beckey you got a lot of great recommendations. When one is as good as you are to others your helpfulness is remembered. Beckey we care about you and i have nothing to add. I only send best wishes for improvement of your safety. Make some carefully considered change to reduce the risk of falling.

  • Bless your heart!

  • Hi Again - I just happened to read this and thought it might help you - focus on Vitamin D and orthostatic hypotension at the end of the article. I don't know if this might be the cause of your falls - but maybe Vitamin D could help. It might be worth getting tested to see if you are low on Vitamin D, or maybe just try taking Vitamin D Supplements. There are a lot of articles about Vitamin D and how helps some people with certain genetic types of PD. There are also differing opinions on the amount of Vitamin D it takes to help.

  • Thanks -- I'm reading now...

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