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"Dr Costantini published his first study on Parkinson's in 2013. He later published two more with other co-authors such as Dr Roberto Fancellu working at the S Martino Hospital in Genoa (recently he was denied funding for a double-blind study). He has also published on other serious diseases. His studies have a total of 150 citations, and by great authors. No neurologist who is involved in the compilation of guidelines for the treatment of this disease, no renowned neurologist, all with a great culture on the subject, have bothered to deny, with data in hand. It is simply ignored. Even in Italy, no one takes care of it except for a few. I, for what I could touch with my hand, no one replies against him because he already knows that he would fight for a cause lost at the beginning. In Italy, Dr Costantini treats about 3500 patients. Everyone, without distinction, asks him this question, in the face of the wonderful prospects that the treatment opens up: how come all the other neurologists, in the face of these results that you expose say nothing? He invariably replies that he does not know. The disturbance of the movement has a great value for the researcher; it is evident to all and can be recorded with a video camera. Anyone can enter the site "" posted in 2015, and the site "" and see the results of the care in the short and long term. If someone wants to search the internet for similar results they will not find them, they have never been published. In the literature it has never been written that a cure could bring Parkinson's disease to zero symptoms. Official science still says that non-motor symptoms are incurable, while Dr Costantini says that they are the most sensitive to treatment. Let's hope for the future. Meanwhile, in Italy alone, about 20,000 Parkinsonians have died since 2013, after a long period of disability and suffering. Almost everyone would have escaped death and could have lived in a physical and psychological condition previously unthinkable." Translated from the Italian with

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if this were a pharmaceutical, it would be all over the news. but theres no money to be made with a supplement. and even if some doctors believe in its benefit, they are in fear of losing their license or their hospital affiliation, by not prescribing according to the fdas protocol. the fda and the ama has long suppressed the beneifits/cures of alternative treatments.

Yes! Big Pharma is the largest Mafia of all.

We are trying to spread the word in NZ. In a perfect world every Parkinsons person would be treated with B1 as soon as they were diagnosed.

My husband continues to improve. He said yesterday was his best day ever. I wrote to the neurological organisation in NZ with my husbands' success and details about Dr C's treatment. I have had no response.

Xenos in reply to nellie58

Hello Nellie,

We are neighbors - I live in Tahiti.

I try to do the same here. It's very frustrating. It's just as if people were afraid of getting better. Go figure.

Maybe we need an "underground" strategy. "They" don't want to expose the lie that PD is not curable and the lies promoted directly to the doctors from the AMA, Big Pharma etc. It would be much more powerful if at once many PD patients walked up to their neurologist completely cured. My dream.

The “rumours” about Thiamine spread like a virus (good virus… :) . The process cannot be stopped anymore. May take an year or two or more, but the beginning of the “end of all fears” has already started. The ones of the sufferers, who use this therapy in the right way (Dr C) will be the Happy Observers of all at hand.. The others.., they will have to make their own choices..

I started my husband on the thiamine but he doesn't know as I give him lots of supplements but I definately noticed he is much better in himself, he just takes anything I give him and never asks what they are for

"Put your fingers here and look at my hands. Put your hand into the wound in my side. Don't be faithless any longer. Believe."

Roy call me please 518.526.9802

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I already believe as a member Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Roy sometimes I feel like choking you!

CALL ME!!!!!

Thank you Roy. You could simply selfishly profit from the treatment. But you don't.