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Who is taking Azilect and Mucuna?


I still can't find any real reason for stopping Azilect when starting mucuna. I'd really like to hear from people who take both, and also from people who stopped Azilect when taking mucuna and why. Many thanks

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I take both, but my input will not be of much value because I've only been taking 0.5 mg Rasagiline a few weeks and I take 15% MP irregularly. in any case, I don't experience any adverse side effects from either.

Azilect and L-Dopa are ok. Azilect as a MAO-B blocks the dopamine reuptake thus increasing dopamine concentration. Mucuna which is a natural form of L-Dopa increases concentration as well. So the idea is that Azilect lowers the l-Dopa dose you need, which is a good thing.

This is not medical advice just what I know from my own experience. I take both Azilect and Sinemet. Tried mucuna but it’s really hard to figure out concentration and dosage. Plus no neuro gives you advice about it.

I take both, and have had no problems. Azilect is often combined with ld/cd so i see no reason not to combine with mucuna. I take a 98% extract.

Beverly2017 in reply to rebtar

Hi Rebtar I'm wondering how much macuna powder to take. I have the high concentrated white macuna powder and can't figure out dosage. How often do u take it? And how much. Do you feel nauseated after taking it as I did? I bought alot of macuna powder and now don't know how to use it. Thanks in advance. Bev

Parkie- in reply to Beverly2017

Hi Beverly2017. I also just bought the high concentrated macuna powder and can't figure out dosage, how often, etc. I also feel nauseated after taking it. Were you able to work it out since you posted this six months ago?

Beverly2017 in reply to Parkie-

Hi aussie. I still have a large bag of macuna powder I'm not taking because of the nausea. But I am taking the Now macuna capsules in between my c/l. One pill gives me an hours on time if I'm lucky. This helps and I haven't had to increase sinamet in 6 years. My goal is to keep the c/l or sinamet down as low as possible. How are you feeling and are you able to use the powder macuna?

Parkie- in reply to Beverly2017

Hi Beverly. I can't take a large enough dose for it to be efficient, too much nausea... Tks for your reply.

""Rasagiline is an irreversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase-B used as a monotherapy to treat symptoms in early Parkinson's disease or as an adjunct therapy in more advanced cases. Wikipedia""

Anything that is "irreversible" is dodgy in my book.

5HTP does the same job.

Dap1948 in reply to Harleybob08

Well I've been on rasagiline for seven years! It's the mucuna that's new.

Harleybob08 in reply to Dap1948

I may be wrong, but I had assumed that Levidopa has always been extracted from Mucuna. Where else would they get it?

Dap1948 in reply to Harleybob08

I presumed the levodopa in madopar and sinimet was a synthetic copy!

Boyce3600 in reply to Dap1948

Basing my reply on a 7 month old post by you...did u begin the mucuna puriens and if so how r your results? Where did u purchase and how do u decide on dosage amount and timing? Thank u. I know this is a lot of questions.

Dap1948 in reply to Boyce3600

Yes I began swapping my madopar for mucuna. I read the book "Mucuna versus Parkinson's" by Maldonado and followed his recommendations. I take DopaBean from iherb.com which has 50 mg of natural ldopa in each capsule and therefore is a fair swop for my 50 mg madopar. I'm still taking Azilect. No problems.

Boyce3600 in reply to Dap1948

Many thanks!! Sounds like a good plan for u

ParlePark in reply to Dap1948

Are you still taking rasagiline and mucuna and if so, what if any side effects are you experiencing?

Dap1948 in reply to ParlePark

Yes I am still taking both and I have NO side effects.

ParlePark in reply to Dap1948


Mucuna123 in reply to Dap1948

Hi I have a question for you. How often do you take mucuna and rasagiline? Do you take them together at the same time or separated?

Dap1948 in reply to Mucuna123

I take one rasagiline with breakfast and mucuna before lunch and supper. The same every day.

I don’t think the word “irreversible,” in this context is a bad thing. It simply means that the Rasagiline molecule binds to the MOA-B enzyme. If the drug is discontinued, the enzyme will be available as it was before the drug was taken. I don’t think Rasagiline (when taken as prescribed) is a drug we need to be afraid of.

Here, Dr. Okun answers the same question.


I find this to be a good link about Rasagiline.


Dap1948 in reply to MBAnderson

Excellent links.

I didn't explain irreversibility/reversibility very well. Irreversibility refers to the integrity or durability of the binding. When a molecule of, say, Rasagiline binds to the MAO-B enzyme, it's called irreversible because the molecules do not separate. When a molecule of, say, Seligiline binds to the MAO-A enzyme, the molecules separate or, in other words, the binding is reversed. Rasagiline is more potent then Seligiline because the binding is irreversible.

I am probably influenced by Carbidopa binding "irreversibly" to the b6 vitamin, thereby eventually destroying the whole system, according to Dr. Hinz at any rate.

As a layman I prefer a way back if possible. :-)


This seems to be the manufacturer of levodopa in China (where else). Check out the source.

I don't think we are smart enough to manufacture this sort of thing. :-)

I also take .05mg azilect and small amount of macuna sometimes. Macuna contains l-dopa and other substances. One of them acts like a maoi (I have read) and I think it is possible to get too much if combined.....this is just my theory. So I am assuming it's okay if you're careful.

I take Madopar and Azilect, as well as Sifrol er. This combination is working well at the moment. I tried stopping medication on my own early this year and really regretted it. I ended up in hospital for a month. The Azilect, which was very helpful when I was first diagnosed, actually completely stiffened my entire body, and caused many unhelpful symptoms like incontinence, when I reintroduced after a break from it. It only began to be helpful again, after gradual reintroduction in a hospital setting. Listen to your neurologist. There is too much at stake here.

Hi Dab,

I take azelect and mirrapexin. Have dreams regarding animals, or I wake thowing a punch at someone who's theatning me. I feel it's the tablets. Even jump out of bed ending on floor. This is not so often. I try to laugh it off. I've even hit wife in the eye. I must have a good word with consultant. Oh also figitty while asleep. Drives wife nuts I think. The worst thing for me is poor sleep pattern. If I don't take tablets. Say I forget to take. I won't sleep for a few days. I wish you the very best. Not sure if anything I've said helps inform you. Ps these tablets are all I've had in 4 yrs.

Sorry I know nothing about azilect and and mucuna...nothing at all about mucuna...good luck

Dap1948 in reply to missybee

Mucuna is natural ldopa from the velvet bean. Taking it doesn't lead to the dyskinesia that sinemet and madopar do and it is neuroprotective.

billyroca in reply to Dap1948

I'm sure you've got answers by now, but we buy macuna in pill form from british supplements


not sure where you're based...

My husband's been on macuna for the last couple of months, and he's back to his normal self, in many ways... although, of course, we don't know how long this will continue for???

We were told in the book by Maldonado that you should take azilect and macuna together because of the danger of making your blood pressure high, so we went onto a low dose of one of the 'dreaded' agonistes instead. Maybe we could just be on macuna now... but whilst things are working well, I guess don't change it.

Tmarsella in reply to billyroca

BILLYROCA: Are saying you SHOULD take Azilect & Macuna Priens together or should NOT?

Dap1948 in reply to Tmarsella

I was asking who does take both. There is some suggestion that you shouldn't but I've been taking the two together with no problems so far.

jombi in reply to Dap1948

How much Azilect and how much mucuna? How are you feeling? I'm considering same-thanks

Dap1948 in reply to jombi

I take 1 mg Azilect and 2 capsules of DopaBean which each contain 50 mg of levadopa

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