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CBD oil and Prescribed Meds


I'm new here. Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease about 12 years ago. I am considering taking CBD oil. For anyone who is taking this, do you continue your prescribed meds as usual or adjust them? I will be consulting my Neurologist in advance. What results have you experienced?

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With CBD oil you can add it to your regime. I find that the addition of THC has a dopamine effect for me.

Thank you. And for comment on THC - food for thought for me.

Banana bread.

Your neurologist will tell you there isn't sufficient research... but a CBD/thc combo may calm tremors and can be taken with your usual meds. Just start with a low dose.

kdmorgan9 in reply to Woolysock

Thnx. Am prepared (I think) for possible physician responses. I need to try this. I'm surprised w/ responses to include THC. Don't know why I'm surprised.

I bought a vape 100% all nat.150mg hemp oil. Didnt do anything

The oil you bought is derived from industrial hemp and is basically useless.

JBnSFO in reply to danfitz

danfitz --

you're right about industrial hemp, wrong about "The oil you bought ..."

Most all good qual CBD oil is made from marijuana plants. It used to be that it was illegal to make CBD oil from marijuana plants because the plant resin had way more than the legal 0.3% THC. However, they can remove the THC, and produce CBD oil that has a typical 0.1% THC. Besides, nowadays there are proprietary-bred marijuana strains that have less than 0.3% THC.

It is only that they call it "HEMP OIL" to steer clear of legal issues -- until the law catches up to reality.

For some good oils, see:


Where can i purchase i t

Cbd with thc

Here's where I get mine in Canada:


Which one would help tremor

koshca in reply to Rosabellazita

The more THC the better results.

No harm in trying. Hope it works for you.

We tried the rub and salve. Did not work so well. Everything is worth a try.

If you are interested just remember Indica strain with a broad spectrum of CBDs.

I will. am making a note of it. Thnx.

From where?

Thnx. I'm taking your word and am not going to try the rub & salve; even tho everything is worth a try,I agree. Saving money is essential. Those can wait for last if necessary. From what so many write I am looking forward to trying CBD, & possibly w/ thc.

I too have found a better result with one that includes a small level of THC.


I tried canibis oil for a month in January

Didn't help at all plus it is like $70 a bottle

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