Cannabis for Parkinsons and Dystonia

I had a long chat today with a dispensary employee. He gave me interesting information I wanted to share with you. First he said CBD may be oil, cream, or other product that is smoked. All CBD has at least trace amounts of THC. However you can get CBD which has almost all THC removed.

CBD does help for muscle cramps. There are different types of CBD that can be used on the skin to numb the nerves in a specific area, and others that are taken internally as a general muscle relaxant for the entire body.

I was thinking I was only interested in CBD where almost all THC was removed. However he said that doctors have told them that THC and CBD work together in the body, so you would probably get more relief from cannabis which still has a some THC in it, which would not be enough to effect your functioning. He also said that some people get more relief from smoking cannabis.

When I asked about whether cannabis would help with Parkinson's, he said they just don't have the medical research to prove it yet because until recently there has been no funding for medical cannabis research in this country. He also said the best research has been coming from Israel because they have been doing research there for a long time.

They have had customers who said cannabis helped with Parkinson's tremors. But at this point you simply have to try different products to see what if anything works for you. If you find something that works and you are a resident of a state that has medical marijuana, you may be able to have a significant sales tax savings by getting a medical marijuana license.

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  • The CBDs actually interfere with the THC intoxication. In a one to one Ratio I never get a buzz no matter how much I take. Not that I am chugging it. That is why stoners have been trying to breed less CBD and more THC plants.

    I vaped for a year for sleep but when I tried an edible a whole new world opened up. The stiffness in my muscles subsided a lot, my mind actually became clearer, I could for the first time, get a full body relaxation that lasted all day. No off times, no peaks and valleys, not jumping out of my skin riding in the passenger seat.

    Sinemet side effects for me : upset stomach ( relieved with extra carbidopa )

    : to much gives me dystonic dyskenetia ( extremely painful )

    Amantadine : dizziness, dry mouth, confusion, hallucinations

    Azilect : none

    Pramipexole : myopic, ultra focus, compulsive

    CBD / THC infused coconut oil : none

  • good info

  • Do you buy CBD / THC infused coconut oil or make your own?

  • I use mucuna instead of ld/cd. It has helped my hand tremors. However in stressful situations I find that cbd oil that is enhanced with a small amount of thc dispensed in drops under the tongue works really well. A few times a week is fine. It can help with that sleeplessness where I wake in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. Purchased in a state where it is legal. There are times when I use the cbd oil without thc as well. Experimental, to say the least....

  • I haven't bought anything yet. Still researching. I'm not sure where to start. I was going to go to another dispensary to see what they say. I am interested in the CBD/THC infused coconut oil that you mentioned. Is it an oil that you ingest?

  • drops under the tongue for 30 seconds and then swallow. the cbd is a hemp based product, and the cannabadiol is marijuana based in coconut oil. I mix them 1/2 and 1/2 andit seems to work. i find that stress causes the tremor to come back so I might take a dropper if I know I am going to be in a stressful situation. I now buy the mucuna in bulk powder and mix 1/4 tsp in green tea with 1/4 tsp l-carnosine and 1 1/2 tablespoons of mannitol and l cartitine (1 capsule) with a tbsp of fish oil upon waking and on an empty stomach. new routine...we will see.

    I take another dose of mucuna/carnitine in the afternoon dissolved in Emergen c and water..

  • I am keeping a diary of my experiences at the POST : Now a word from our sponsor

  • Hi how do I find this pls? I'm very interested tha

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  • If any one wants to add to my post on "Now a word from our sponsor" feel free to do so. I just ask that you use personal experience. I personally believe that all neurotransmitters need to be addressed when it comes to Parkinson's. When I first joined this group, I made the statement that Parkinson's was a communication syndrome. I have needed little dopamine but maximum amount of serotonin and now I am addressing the endocannabinoid system.

  • Hi Serenity, I've tried CBD oil spray in low dosages and didn't get much relief. I tried it a much higher dosage in a paste form and that helped with some of the anxiousness I was feeling but costly at $70 for a little syring full. Now I'm trying candies that contain 10% THC which give me too much of a high feeling. Very difficult to cut them in half as I think a 5 % would be ideal but can't get a 5% mix at the dispensary. I think edibles are the way to go just need to find the right mix. Just thought I would through my 2 cents in!!!

  • Hi Sleeplessparki I am going to my post to address your 2 cents.

  • that 70$ syringe can be diluted in 500 mg of hemp oil and it will last a long time. I did that and it lasted 6 months. dosage--a dropperful under the tongue

  • Thanks I will give it a try

  • Good luck. I use charlottes web cbd oil

  • it seems that from reading most people have a better effect from the dispensary form of CBD oil.

    alot of the ones from online that you dont need a MM card arent really helpful nor are they regulated.

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