My Soul Exposed

My Soul Exposed

I write poetry. It is my favorite form of communication. I write about my experiences, my feelings, my fears, my secrets, what happens in my every day life. I have been writing poetry since I was young. Each moment, each hour, each day can bring a new poem to life. When I write my poems I don't think about what I should or should not say. The words just pour from my heart and spill out onto the empty page. Raw, uncensored feelings, random thoughts of life, of death, they are truthful, strong, and sometimes questionable, but they are mine and mine alone. I started to share them on line when I found a great site for Artists of all kinds from all over the world. These other Artists liked my poems and asked for more. When I became ill, Oh My!, I could not stop the words from flowing. I had so many things to say, especially about the unfairness of it all, and the frustration of finding the right doctor and the right medication's, well, I'm sure you all know what I mean. Life is good and bad, I cannot always be positive because there are just a lot a bad days mixed in with my good ones. I do not try to write sad, dark poetry but sometimes that is how I feel. I realize that my voice heard through my poetry can be loud, scary,and alarming, but I have never been suicidal or homicidal so just let me speak. If I cannot post all of my poetry, then I would rather not post at all. If it makes you uncomfortable then do not read it. I have come to respect and enjoy the people I have met here and have found the support of my poetry exceptional.

Thank You


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  • Please don't stop posting your poetry. It is wonderful, powerful and. yes, scarey but it is what you, and some of us feel, but cannot express our feelings in the way you are able. It makes compulsive reading and gives an insight into the real you - a person of extraordinary talent for poetry and painting.

    Yes, your poetry can be difficult to read and is always thought provoking, but never boring. You are an individual and I certainly respect and enjoy what you write.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Thank you for sharing. I truly believe we need a "safe" place to share feelings that are, at the moment, very real to us.

  • Write on!

  • hear hear xxx

  • I love the way you are able to express your feelings through your poetry. Please keep sharing. Everyone is free to read or not it's there choice. :o)

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