Well mom was taken to the ER today

The Rytary cannot or should not be stopped even though she ended up in the ER today. Her movements are off the chart for her. She fell a sleep while eating lunch today and then tried to walk back to her room. One of the nurses saw her and grabbed her helping her back to her room via wheelchair. Her BP is all over the place. They gave her IV fluids and the tremors settled down after awhile. BP is still crazy up and down to extremes in a short period of time it really fluctuates.The ER doc called her neurologist and he said keep her on the Rytary and Klonipin which seems weird to me because that's what started this. Has anyone had similar experiences after starting Rytary and Klonipin? Were in Ohio and have a great neurologist so I'm just really worried for her and confused.

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  • Does it maybe take a couple of weeks to get use to the medication maybe?

  • I don't take Rytary but I did take klonopin -- briefly, because it gave me an awful case of brain fog. I felt very unsteady on my feet, my tremor was worse than usual and I had a hard time getting my words out. Phooey on klonopin. I've heard good things about Rytary, and I was thinking of asking my neuro to switch me from sinemet.

  • They have her on Sinemet also the long-term and short-term but I'm kind of wondering if it is the Klonopin. I'm on Klonopin and I love it for my restless leg and not sleeping well at night

  • I also took klonopin for restless leg, and for that it worked well. But for anxiety during the daytime hours it was a dud.

  • Wow, I didn't know it was suppose to work on anxiety. I can tell you it doesn't help my anxiety either!

  • Klonopin did nothing for me either.

  • Rytary affects my balance i fall over a lot. It does work longer but Not worth an injury?

  • Cat, I'd say nothing compensates for a blow to your balance!

  • Yes falls are not good either especially while unsteady to begin with! Not worth it!

  • Did it take awhile for you to get use to it, aside from the falls? She has such increased movement from it.

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