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Before I was diagnosed 2010 I fell in love with the Poker game, Texas Holdem. It was all the rage 10 years ago. Looking back it was a compulsion but men are compulsive creatures. Texas Holdem is probably the best game to study the character of your opponent. At this point I started compartmentalize players. Aggressive, conservative, odds players and gut players, (all in) bluffers to lets see how many chips I can possibly get from you, etc. I took 1,000 in play chips and took it to 4.5 million.

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I stopped playing for years because it took a backseat to Parkinson's. All though there was 1 hand in particular that totally ruin the game for me on Full T Poker. I quit playing because of the astronomical odds I was seeing. 1 game in particular my hole cards were pocket queens. I limped in waiting for the flop, Ace- Queen- 7 all different suits. That gave me 3 queens, pretty good hand. Every body folded but a player to the left. The turn was a 4 , no help for ether of us. The betting went wild. I knew from the past that this guy wasn't aggressive, which told me he had a good hand. My gut at this time showed me that he had me beat, my mind on the other hand calculated all possible hands that could beat me, he needed pocket rockets or Aces. Now what are the odds that I was dealt two queens and someone else was dealt pocket aces and the flop was ace, queen, 7. My gut said no, don't go all in but my head said you are stupid if you don't. Yes the odds favored me highly. I lost 2 million on that hand. You have to play the player. P.S. if there is a statistician on site I would love to hear the odds of that Happening.


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