I have read some of the discussion on here about Atremorine. My husband who has had Parkinsons since he was 42 ( now 65) has been taking it since mid January.He had been finding after so many years on Sinemet, that it had become unreliable and he was falling and having balance problems. He is still working and so it was a real problem and he was contemplating retirement. He also finds Sinemet makes him very sleepy. Often he was overdosing through lack of confidence if he had a meeting to attend.

The benefits of Atremorine were instant. He is more animated and smiles more, he had reduces his Sinemet to 2 - 4 fast acting tabs a day and he no longer uses the slow release ones. His meds are reliable again and he is more confident as to when he needs another dose. It is not a cure, but it is the best solution that he has tried to get him through his days. Sinemet still makes him sleepy, but he finds he can let it wear off in the afternoon and he needs no more until breakfast the next day. In these hours he is not tired, but he sleeps well at night and he can get up and down from bed unaided. His balance is fine too. I was just about to purchase some more Atremorine when I saw this forum and thought I would let you all know his experience. Kind regards Nellie58

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  • 23 years and working! Outstanding! Nellie, you got you a tough old man. Thanks for the good endorsement of atremorine.

  • Where can I buy atremorine? It seems mysterious. Can I only buy it from over seas? The few spots that mentioned selling it didn't even say how many pills were in a bottle.

  • Hi rhyspeace 12...atremorine is shipped from France and you buy it direct off their website. You can google it. It is a powder that you mix with custard or yoghurt. You will probably start with 2 husband now takes 4 in the morning and 2 at night.

  • Thanks for your post, Nellie! My husband has had PD for as long as your husband and is about the same age. He is finding similar issues with Sinemet and is going to try Rytary again (his neurologist thinks he didn't give it much of a chance the first time). I will look into Atremorine. Does your husband have a lot of strong tremors? And if so, has this drug helped with those? That is a major issue for my husband. Thanks again for sharing your story!

  • Hi husband does not have jerky movements. He has tremors that you can see but sometimes he shakes very little. He has rigidity though and gets stuck in a position such as making a cup of tea and I will give him a nudge to get moving again. I do not know if atremorine makes a difference to strong tremors, sorry.

  • Thanks for the quick reply, Nellie! I greatly appreciate this info.

  • My husband seems much the same as yours concernedspouse He's 63 - diagnosed nearly 13 years ago. Tremors are becoming worse and we're looking for something to reduce them so if you find something which works for your husband, I would be grateful if you could let me know please.

    Many thanks.

  • how much does your husband take per day- amount and timing would be helpful. thanks so much for sharing I have three bottles of it in my cupboard since January I took a couple doses not knowing how much to take and didn't see any results

  • Hi husband has 4 scoops in the morning mixed with custard and then he takes 2 fast acting sinemet tablets. They now last around 3 hours. If he needs to, he takes another 2 but not always. That is all he takes of sinemet now until the next morning. In the evening he takes 2 atremorine scoops with custard before bed. The first thing he noticed when he started Atremorine was that the sinemet was lasting a long time in his system. Before 2 tabs might only last 20mins!

  • Have a link to a site with lots of info:

    Hope this helps. :)

  • hello nellie..hope your having a good day..well i have tried atremorine and you forgot to say how expensive it was, your looking at nearly 700 dollars for 2 lots of atemorine that includes tastes revolting and you have to eat it with mix so many scoopful into the yoghurt and mix it..or they say use pudding..its a big rip off i still have 3 containers left ill throw them your money.

  • Motherfather...if you do not want it could you not donate it to someone who would like to try it? Yes it is expensive...but I understand it is a small lab and it is not funded by a big company. My husband does not complain about the taste. He mixes it with custard. He is very grateful to find a product that is making a difference to his life. We all are...

  • I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s for about 5 years. I am currently taking Mirapex and carb/levo dopa four times a day. About 5 months ago I saw an advertisement on Facebook about AtreMorine and that it had favorable results with patients dealing with Parkinson’s. I decided to order a 75-gram bottle of AtreMorine and 8 days later I received it in the mail. At the time, I was walking about 3 miles 5 to 6 days a week. After taking 10 grams a day of AtreMorine for 3 days I told my wife, on the third day, that I felt better than I had felt in a long time and that I was going to try to jog instead of walk. Several years ago, I would typically jog 3 miles, 5 to 6 times a day. I began jogging and I felt good and kept going. After 3 miles, I still had a lot of energy, I told my wife I wanted to keep running. I ran another 3 miles for a total of 6 miles that day, both my wife and I were amazed that I could run that far, I felt great! After that I ordered 375 grams of AtreMorine and I will keep you posted as I continue to take AtreMorine and my positive results. Another benefit of AtreMorine I am experiencing is that some days I only need to take Mirapex and carb/levo dopa once or twice a day. I am not needing it three times a day. I am also sleeping better and increased fine motor skills. I have used google to shorten the link to Atremorine:

  • yes nellie i would love to give it to some one that has pd but having tried it dont really work im 70 years old and have a lot of pain do u really think if it worked i would not use it.the people from atremorine followed me on to face book and when someone asked about atremorine i give my 2 cents worth someone from atremorine came on and said i never mixed it right.what a lot of rubbish..most of the people that has pd cant afford big money like that..besides its only broad beans made into a madopar 250/50 can do the same job.atermorine helps for about 2 hours then u feel sleepy..same if i take one azilect one madopar.

  • Gosh Motherfather, I am only telling my husbands story and his success with Atremorine. I believe it is a lot of one extract of broad beans. I do not think you could eat enough beans to get the same effect. I am sorry for you experience. I hope you find something soon to help of luck.

  • Hi Nellie,

    Your husband is doing well after so many years. Could you say a bit more about his meds before and now? How much, how often. Anything else besides sinemet? I find it helps having a fuller picture. Thanks

  • Hi husband takes vit D, Qmito10, Sinemet and zinc drops when he remembers. He has tried many products over the years. He has seen specialists but not regularily and none have offered anything that has really helped. Mostly he just gets his Sinemet through his GP and he has occasional blood tests. He has always been very experimental with Sinemet which always suprises people. He is very sceptical about new products, so I know he feels a difference on Atremorine or he wouldn't take it religiously 😉

  • Thanks Nellie, so he has found he can cut back on his sinemet. Thats what we all want!

    Atremorine is expensive so im trying to work out cost benefit! Can you tell how much sinimet he was on before and how much now? I usually count it as over 24 hours.

  • I have just asked him and his reply:

    Before.....6 x 100 in 24 hrs depending on his day

    Now .. only 2tabs

  • hi hikoi i have bought some of that atremorine it cost me nearly 700 dollars that was for 8 plastic containers total weight per bottle 75 g and you need at least 4 to 6 scoops full so one container dont last did nothing for me.made me a bit sleepy. nothing more..hope this helps 70 years old.

  • Its a scam. It is the same thing as Macuna Prurines which you can get for a few dollars

  • Have you tried it rhenry45? My husband has been living with Parkinsons for more than 2 decades now and Atremorine is the first product that has made a profound difference to his day to day life. For many years Sinemet was enough for him to live a fairly normal life...that was until it started to fail and become erratic. It was a scary time for all of our family watching him deteriorate. Since Atremorine he is confident again and he has reduced his Sinemet intake because it is working for hours longer in his system. It is definately not a scam. Has Macuna Prurines helped you? Isn't it the whole bean? I think you will find Atremorine is one component of the bean that provides the effect....not an expert though.


    Parkinsonian-like state was generated in mice by the administration of 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP) to study the effects of Atremorine in Parkinson's disease (PD) related neuropathology and behavior deficits. This devastating disease is caused by the progressive degeneration of dopaminergic neurons in the substantia nigra. Numerous therapeutic strategies have been developed to protect neuronal damage, although no effective treatment for PD has been validated yet. This study tested the preventive and therapeutic neuroprotective effect of Atremorine on MPTP parkinsonian mouse model. In addition to behavioral analysis, nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons and inflammation biomarkers were directly quantified in the affected brain regions by specific antibody-antigen-binding methods. The affected neuronal populations and behavioural alterations induced by MPTP were significantly impaired in mice when treated with Atremorine-rich diet. Differences in the Atremorine content in diet induced some degrees of neuropathological and behavior therapeutical improvement, based on the progressive beneficial effects observed in nigro-striatal dopaminergic neurons of MPTP-induced mice. Data demonstrated that Atremorine promotes neuroprotection and behavior recovery in the injured MTPT-mouse brain by modulating the expression levels of tyrosine hydroxylase, glial proteins, apoptosis and endogenous dopamine and neuromelanin concentrations, probably the key to recover the basal ganglia function.

  • This is very positive! Thanks for posting 😀

  • I am very interested in keeping my low dose of sinamet which is half a 100/25 at 11 am.and the same at 4pm..... down so I bought some Atremorine. I took 2 scoops in water...didn't realize it had to be worked for about an hour....and I could take my sinamet later in the day. But I haven't got in the routine of taking it as it's very expensive. So I'm encouraged by your husbands results Nellie. I don't mind spending extra on a natural remedy if it I can cut back on sinamet. I'm worried about the sinamet honeymoon being over and dyskinesia setting in.

  • Hi Beverly...It is funny stuff isn't it? I guess you have to take too much for the manfacturers to put in a capsule form. My husband likes it best with custard 😁 I like the fact Atremorine helps prevent the neurons in the brain from dying prematurely. You should get really good ongoing results I would have thought if you need so little sinemet already? It is a shame it is pricey but it will be even more if I need someone to help me care for my husband if he deteriorates further...and a huge cost to his happiness also if this happens. It would be interesting if you document your experience on Atremorine as you have not yet really started it. All the best and kind regards ❤

  • Thanks Nellie for those kind thoughts. Did your husband use macuna and if yes what we're the results. I have lot

  • Whoops I guess I pushed reply by mistake.

    I have lots of macuna and would like to use that first. Sometimes it works but not always. I agree that nothing is too expensive if it keeps your husband happy and moving. He sounds like he's doing well. How long has he had PD? I'm in it 6 yrs and it's a constant battle. Always open to new ideals. Exercise is the key. I think but everyones PD is different. Thx Nellie....Bev

  • My husband was early 40's when he was diagnosed. He coasted along fine for many years with sinemet and increasing it as needed. Then it became erratic and suddenly (over a few years) his life became seriously compromised. His driving became dangerous and as a family we had to say no more or someone will get hurt. He is fiercely independent and that was the saddest thing for him. 😶 He has deteriorated rapidly from even 5 years ago. He is 65 now. Atremorine has made a difference to how his meds work. He is still working but with support. His fine motor skills are gone. He is happy and smiles again and he shows more interest in everything again. We have noticed a huge difference since Jan when he started taking it. It is not going to erase the damage though...wish it was around 15 years would have stopped the deterioration. No he has not tried macuna.

  • Thankyou. Your husband has done very well. I'll try Atremorine as you have encouraged me. I'm excited about it slowing progression. Have you researched low dose naltrexone or LDN. Afte 2 yrs of searching I decided to try it. Don't know if it has helped but my progression is very slow, so I think it has. If I stop it my tremor is more noticeable. I really recommend it. Tell your husband to keep on trying!

  • Nellie58 -- Thanks for sharing this helpful information. How wonderful that your husband has found some relief with atremorine! I'm thinking about buying some for my mom but wanted to ask you first about your husband's experience with dyskinesia. Did he have any before he started the atremorine, and if so, did it get worse or better on the atremorine?

    Thank you so much for any insights you can provide! Best wishes to you and your husband.

  • Atremorine has allowed my husband to lessen his Sinemet dose. He is now taking 1 and a half blue slow acting tabs per day! He has swapped from fast acting Sinemet to see if there is a difference. He is planning to wean himself right down to hopefully a half tab a day and rely on Atremorine. He is on day 3 of this dose and he is appearing to have stabilized. The first day on this dose he didn't feel to good. We do not know anyone else with Parkinsons to compare treatment and his Dr leaves him to decide what he wants to do meds wise. It is not pleasant for the hour he withdraws from Sinemet for the day....when that dose wears off. Once it has though he is not sleepy or unstable on his feet. He is more engaged. He trembles but he has never had big involuntary movement so I cannot help with that for your Dad. Best you email someone from Atremorine. The big benefit for my husband is that it has helped him function better again as Sinemet had become unstable after 23 years of use. He is back in control of again.

    I think Atremorine is great for long term Sinemet users, once Sinemet starts to fail. It has given my husband a reprieve from the downward spiral he was heading into.

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