How can I reduce episodes of confusion?

I've been on Sinamet for nearly four years, plus Amantadine, Pramipexole. I have virtually no symptoms of PD other than discovering to my great distress that I'm experiencing confusion when talking to people. If the conversation is more than a few sentences, I'll suddenly blank out and forget what we were talking about. This doesn't happen every conversation, but it is freaking me out. I'm assuming this is the beginning of dementia? I will of course discuss this with my neurologist but I hoping for some encouraging words from one of you. Could these episodes be a result of one of the meds I've been taking?

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  • Have you been reading my diary ? It could be all of the above

  • Hi Jennifer

    You call this confusion. is it the lack of focus /inability to concentrate that leads to feeling confused? If so yes I know what you mean and agonists (pramapexole) may be the culprit. Maybe Amantadine i dont know so much about that or it could be the total amount of meds. It does not mean you are loosing your mind!

  • Thank you for your quick response. I'm hopeful now that it is one of the RX meds I'm taking that is causing the periods of blankness. I worry that it may be the beginnings of Alzheimer's and that would be tragic for my husband and family. I'm seeing my neurologist in a few days and she will have some insights I hope. Scary times for sure.

  • hi jen well im taking rosemary oil that i make my self it might be a good idea if u read up on it ..good for memory..also take a spoonful of coconut oil its good for the brain read up on it and you will understand.,i hope this might help you..john.

  • It all makes sense to me now. Armor that does nothing, but makes it hard for you to move, see, and aim a gun. Cover up their face so you can not see them not smile. A simple wave of the hand makes them forget what they were talking about. They are not CLONES they are PARKIES.


  • When u forget the topic of conversation, do u just all of a sudden remember and then pick up where u left off? When this happens, does your body freeze too? What else happens in regard to forgetting in other situations?

  • I am not sure which one you are asking, as for me I will sit there and listen and pray that who ever I am talking to is still on the subject and hope they can reintroduce you back to the topic.

  • When I forget the topic, I freeze up mentally and can't remember what was just said at all in most cases. No physical freezing though. On other occasions if I can't remember something I try to comfort myself by saying "It doesn't matter." Or, I'll fake comprehension by nodding or asking to repeat, though that just gets me in deeper because I become self conscious about the lack of comprehension. Rather embarrassing!

  • Yes. Pramipexole, while I tried it for a few months caused my attention span to weaken. Truthfully, I thought my IQ had lowered. to below average, I felt stupid and just kept out of conversation as a defense mechanism so people would not ask what's wrong. I evened went to the length of feigning naps. When I faded off Pramipexole I promptly got some of my faculties back. Some here will say not enough. :) jokers! But I would look at the possibility of fading pramipexole if you really, really can do without.

  • I will definitely single out Pramipexole as something I want to rid myself of when I see my neurologist. I'll hope a safe alternative can be found. I appreciate your comments very much. Thank you.

  • Amantadine can be a major player in confusion.

  • I have started reducing my quantity of pramipexole. It might have to do with my fixation on subjects. We will see.

  • Bless you, wonderful to hear that. Yes, I believe that's what I will try to do. Thank you so.

  • I got the feeling it's the medications. Hope you get some good advice from your health provider Mary

  • Thank you all for the extra information. Best wishes to everyone.

  • If it is of any use to you, I have suffered from that since the late 80's. I had to give up my job running a huge company, because one of the problems was that I could not find the words I needed to use in conversation. I later realized that this happened mainly when I was stressed. Some people used to make me feel stressed and others didn't. When I wasn't stressed I was fine! I have the same problem when I am typing. If I am stressed by the subject I am writing about, I go too fast and miss letters and/or press the wrong keys. I just have to go much slower, when I get stressed.

  • I thought you were in your early 80s, how old are you?

  • I think he meant 1980s

  • Ahhhhh . That does make more sense. I was confused.

  • Yes! I am 82 years old.

  • My husband does the same but it doesn't bother him he seems very calm about his Parkinsons

    He is on Madopar

  • Jennifer, I can imagine how frightening this is for you. As others have suggested, I think you should investigate the meds. Additionally, you could try doing something I've done for years that helps keep me focused and calm. I do a deep breathing meditation once or twice a day for about 15 minutes. Here's a link to something similar to what I do.

    It has nothing to do with any kind of eastern religion. It's just a simple but powerful thing when practiced regularly that, supposedly, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation. When I'm relaxed, I think and speak much better.

  • Thank you kindly for responding. I do try to meditate every day, but have not added breathing regimen. I will read up and gather more info. Meanwhile, I'm staying reasonably calm.

  • If you don't have PD symptoms ...slowly cut back on your meds. I've read that PD meds can interact and cause confusion. Your neurologist should know but there is limited studies on med interaction.

  • I should have said I don't have PD symptoms when I'm taking PD meds. Without them, I certainly would have pronounced tremors etc. I'm wondering if one can develop a negative reaction to these meds over time, because initially these drugs didn't give me noticeable side effects. Specifically, can the combo produce cognitive decline?

  • I have finally gotten to the point where I am having a conversation and will phase out . When I get to the point that I know I am lost I will stop the conversation and ask excuse me what where you saying? I stopped paying attention. I would not call it dementia but more of an​ autism. Just looked up Autism symptoms and found it pretty comprehensive to my mental state. I have a nephew with autism and I enjoy talking with him. It is nice to talk with someone that takes longer to respond than I do.

  • Thanks for your response. I have halved my dose of Pramipexole and that seems to be helping. I'm going to try further reduction of Sinumet in June at my next dr. visit. I'll try other things too, like more exercise.

  • I too have cut my Pramipexole in half. The interest is still there, I am not as myopic. As for exercise, I think of it as COW BELL.

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