The best exercise you can do to regain your walking

Leg extension exercise. If you have access to a weight machine do sets of 12-15 reps of as heavy a weight you can do. Do 6-8 sets of this. In about 2 weeks of doing this you will see a dramatic improvement in your ability to walk. These muscles get weak with PD and if you strengthen them you will see amazing results.

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  • Thank you for this info. I'm having trouble walking. Got anything for balance?

  • This exercise is also great for balance. My balance went from 1(the worst possible fall risk ) to 9 out of 10 with 10 being perfect balance.

  • I walk very slowly and have been told its muscle weakness in the leg,what is the best exercise to as I have no access to a gym! Lorraine

  • If you do not have access to a gym then you should do knee bends. Do sets of 20 reps at least. It will take longer doing this but if you can get 2 twenty five pound weights and hold on to them while doing the knee bends it should speed things up. If you are really serious and have some extra money buy a weight set that has just the leg extension on it, It will be worth the money as I think there is nothing more important than walking well as it gives us freedom we desperately need.

  • thanks for info,ive started already Lorrraine

  • Great! Good luck to you.

  • Also, here's a tip from one of my coaches at Rock Steady Boxing: Pick up a set of leg weights. You can find them at Sports Basement or other sporting good stores. They fit around your ankles like padded bracelets. Sit in a chair with them on -- you can do this while watching a movie or TV or while reading -- and lift your foot up, alternating from left to right, several times. Does that make sense? It really strengthens your legs without putting any pressure on your knees.

  • That makes sense. I have experienced reduced walking time due to leg weakness and a swim just once a week. Exercise in short burst on bike. Taking Rytary and experience stiffness, shuffling, fatigue and weight gain more off times. Neupro 4mg not doing much. Any ideas when Xadago will be available? Would like to reduce meds and will try to get back to mile a day walk outside. When I stopped walking regularly PD took charge! Now working on extensor muscles gives us a new strategy a new goal that's achievable. Thank you!

  • Excellent. By targeting these extensor muscles and really strengthening them you will see huge improvement in your walking and balance. If you can obtain access to a leg extension machine and really work those muscles you will be very happy indeed. Don't know when Xadago will be available in USA but I am looking forward to it. If my health insurance pays for it I will save about $150 a month rather then buying from

  • rhenry45

    My toes curl down and when I start walking it feels like my legs are given in, maybe muscle weakness? do you think step exercise help? or should I invest in a leg extension machine?

  • Exercise is very critical to getting better. I think a leg extension machine is an excellent investment. It will help you walk better and improve endurance.

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