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Sluggish lymphatic drainage can make your PD worse

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Do you have a few of the below symptoms? You might have a clogged or insufficient lymphatic system:

* Pressure, pain, stiffness around your shoulders and neck - lymphatic congestion on thoracic ducts

* Headaches radiating from the back of your neck

* The head feeling pressurized and bloated

* Swollen lymph nodes - side of neck/throat, armpit, groin, etc.

* Numb limbs while you're sleeping - sluggish swollen lymph ducts applying pressure to nerves

* Acne, dry skin, cellulite

* Blurry vision, ear pain, nasal congestion,

* Lots of mucous - your body compensates to get rid of trash/toxins when lymph is clogged

* Brain fog and fatigue

* Muscle/joint aches and pains

* Constipation

* Swollen limbs and fingers

... and a lot worse, since your lymphatic system is part of your immune system

... and it tends to get worse with advancing age

Watch this 9 minutes crashcourse video on lymphatic system.

To help address the issue:

* Avoid being sedentary and incorporate exercise

==== The most important tip -

==== Set reminders to interrupt yourself -

* Practice deep breathing - activates the lymphatic system and allows lymph flow. For example, QiGong ("breath work") is a great practice. No time? Try Dr. Weil's 4-7-8 breath.

* Clean up your diet - avoid toxins and processed foods loaded with pesticides, fungicides, additives, and preservatives. Go organic as much as possible.

* Avoid tight-fitting clothes and underwear

* Hydrate with pure filtered water (avoid tap water)

* Sauna or hot Epsom salt bath

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Could rebounding help since it helps the lymph system?

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It sure can. Mentioned in my older posts.

Yoga, with its Pranayam (Breathing techniques) along with stretching helps a lot in lymph movement and drainage

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rescuema in reply to JayPwP

Yes that’s another one. Make it a hot yoga and it’ll help even further.

Gently bouncing on one of those small round trampolines for five minutes twice a day can be very beneficial also.

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rescuema in reply to Kt088

Yes, small/mini indoor trampoline = rebounder mentioned above. I call it a mini trampoline because people visualize it better.

It’s probably the quickest and most efficient way to get the lymph flowing without having to learn any routine. You can also get one with a support bar for senior safety and additional exercises. I do jumping jacks on it during short breaks sometimes but really no equipment should be needed as long as you move around often and incorporate myriad exercises you could enjoy, such as RS Boxing, walking, qigong, yoga, dancing, gardening, etc. It’s also very important to avoid being sedentary for long periods of time, even if you exercise daily, to keep the lymph flowing at a decent pace and not get stagnant.

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Smittybear7 in reply to rescuema

What a Power vibration machine also be helpful?

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rescuema in reply to Smittybear7

I doubt it. You're much better off walking outdoors, cleaning around your house, gardening, etc. Simply move around, even better with some sun exposure and sweating.

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Exercise as hard as you can muster! This must be one of the reasons that exercise is perhaps the most important things you can do to address PD. The lymphatic drainage system is passive (unlike the circulatory system which has an active pump - your heart) and works as a result of your muscles working. The more often you get your muscles working, the better your lymphatic drainage system will work to flush cellular waste from your body.

Thank you

I think jumping jacks are very helpful for lymphatic circulation.

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rescuema in reply to PaulSan

I agree!

Good information

Your list is very helpful. I definitely have a lymph problem based on the list. Time to bounce more I guess? Goodness, how did all this happen? I’m 46!!!

My kids and I love Crash Course! Excellent science videos!

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I could easily picture you obsessing over your research/work while hours go by.I have the same tendency to be very sedentary while tunneling on something of interest, so I have to interrupt myself to get up and do something such as burst squats, jumping jacks, or even better a quick rebounding although I keep the rebounder in the basement.

Also look into dry brushing -

in reply to rescuema

Great video! I was doing it a bit wrong. I have the opposite of a sedentary problem actually. I’m a bit of a spinning top. Almost all of my research is really just videos bc I don’t have time to sit as I’m always go go go and I have a very hard time relaxing. When I sit I feel my tremors more and it’s so unnerving it makes this worse

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Were you always like that or is that a more recent development? I'm surprised by the number of posts and new research you manage.

in reply to rescuema

I’m worse. But I’ve always been this way to an extent. My Grandma called me Squirrel. I’m the hyper productive do it all type. Not saying that as a point of pride. It stinks. I have a very hard time relaxing.

I know something is WRONG bc no one that isn’t on something is like this.

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I wonder if you are indeed overmethylated based on what you have stated before, and if so, has B3 helped?

in reply to rescuema

I don’t know if it has. I started TMG at the same time to make sure to not disrupt my methylation. Maybe I should reduce or stop the TMG? I’m a mystery!

I would associate my energy level to be more the type to have high blood pressure but my blood pressure is extremely low. So is my sugar.

I used to use carbs (gluten) to calm me.

If I don’t exercise, Im not sleeping. I recently had to drive through multiple states. I was the weird lady at the rest stops doing squats, jumping jacks and running in circles. 🤓🏃🏼‍♀️

If it was just me at home I'd consider throwing away all the chairs...

😅 a bit drastic but I get it! You can even try a walking treadmill with a standing desk while working or use a desk cycle but I can't seem to concentrate as well while multitasking with exercise. My best method is to interrupt myself using eyeCare browser app, but I'm sure others differ in their preference.

Hi I’m a little concerned about what I have read up to now? You have to a lot of posts on this problem? I now believe that I also may have got this problem with my circulation? Is it possible for me to get checked out by someone Asap? Who should I contact about it? Many thanks for letting me post this message. Yes I do have Parkinson’s and I have had it for 5yrs.

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rescuema in reply to Rocky24

Try looking up a naturopath or an integrative MD in your area for professional help.However, one of the best things you can possibly do to address the issue is to move around or exercise, and avoid being sedentary. Try a rebounder with a handle har for example.

Thank you for your reply, I will try and overcome this problem I appreciate your help and support thank you.

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