GI upset with mucuna

I tried my first dose of mucuna yesterday -- 1/4 tsp 15% mucuna (SunPotion) with Vitamin C (both powder, mixed together in water), fish oil, EGCG as Silvestrov suggests. I had no immediate GI symptoms, but an hour later when I wanted to eat I found I had no appetite and had to force myself to eat, not usual for me. Then another hour and I started to get bloating, and then the runs! I knew GI symptoms were a possibility but not expecting this. I'm on the low side weight wise and can't afford to lose more. Since a nasty bug I picked up in Mexico a year ago, my digestive system has been sensitive, but getting better. Is this kind of reaction unusual? Any suggestions? Am I less likely to get GI upset with a) capsules, or b) the purer extract form of mucuna? Could any of the other components of the cocktail contribute to this?

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  • rebtar

    This was my dr's reply when I asked about taking mucuna:

    Mucuna is simply L-dopa. So if mucuna 100mg this means it is equivalent to L-dopa 100mg or carbidopa/levodopa 25/100 mg tablet though much less of it will be absorbed without carbidopa for the reasons discussed above. There is no reason to take mucuna in addition to carbidopa/levodopa as it is taking the same molecule. As Mucuna is a natural supplement it is not regulated by the FDA for dose accuracy and thus taking mucuna capsules might not always provide the same dose of L-dopa (or levodopa) in addition to the lower absorption as there is no added carbidopa (and thus more will be degraded in the intestines and not reach the brain).

  • Thank you.

  • Your mucuna supplement could be part of your problem, if not all of it. 15% mucuna means that 85% is filler. I had problems with filler in my first mucuna. Why not use the pure, 100% mucuna. You can find 100% pharmaceutical grade mucuna powder (easily and quickly absorbed) at:

    This product works very well. It's worth trying the real stuff!

  • Thanks so much! I was hoping to hear that. I will place an order and give it a try.

  • You are welcome! Go slowly. Use a little and see how you tolerate it. Always take it on an empty stomach. I also use a green tea extract which extends the efficacy of the mucuna. I get more sleep when I use the tea extract.

    God bless!

  • Which brand of green tea extract do you use?

  • I purchased the NOW Brand of EGCg Green Tea Extract, 400 mg. capsules. I take one with each dose of mucuna.

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