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Does abnormal Billurubin play into the gut factor in PD

I was diagnosed 6 months ago but have had symptoms for much longer. I have always had an abnormally high Billurubin level for many years when blood tested. Docs always dismissed any concern. Due to all the linkage of gut problems to PD lately I wondered if anyone has seen Billurubin levels mentioned?


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Here are several articles about bilirubin and PD:

Increased bilirubin levels in de novo Parkinson's disease

"Parkinson's disease subjects showed higher levels of bilirubin compared with controls."


My father had kidney/gall stones, both are more prevalent in PD patients, and he passed away from gall bladder complications. There is a readily available supplement on the market which has been shown to lower bilirubin levels and be good for PD: ursolic acid. When my father became sick I researched this issue.

Protective effect of ursolic acid on ethanol-mediated experimental liver damage in rats

"Subsequent to the experimental induction of toxicity (i.e. after the initial period of 30 days) ursolic acid treatment performed by coadministering ursolic acid (10, 20 and 40 mg/kg body weight) for 30 days along with the daily dose of ethanol. While this treatment causing a significant improvement in body weight, food intake and serum protein levels, it decreases serum aminotransferase activities (aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase) and total bilirubin levels."


Ursolic acid and PD:

Ursolic acid attenuates oxidative stress in nigrostriatal tissue and improves neurobehavioral activity in MPTP-induced Parkinsonian mouse model


And there are other studies about this supplement and PD. OA can be purchased at a number of online suppliers:


Ursolic acid is also prevalent in many herbs including OCIMUM SANCTUM L. - (HOLY BASIL/Tulsi) and rosemary.


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